NCERT Revision Notes for Class 10

Class 10 is the first board exam that is conducted by CBSE and this class play very important part in every student's life. You have to be well aware of the concepts that are given in the NCERT textbooks in order to get good marks in the examination. The marks in this class will also help you in selecting stream in Class 11th as well. Here, we have provided NCERT Revision Notes for Class 10 that are prepared by our experts that will help you in exam preparation. The notes given here are detailed and cover all the important points and terms. You can view these notes by clicking on the chapter name provided below.
  • Math Class 10 Notes
  • Science Class 10 Notes
  • First Flight Class 10 Notes
  • Footprints without Feet Class 10 Notes
  • Kshitij Class 10 Notes
  • Kritika Class 10 Notes
  • Sparsh Class 10 Notes
  • Sanchayan Class 10 Notes
  • History Class 10 Notes
  • Geography Class 10 Notes
  • Political Science Class 10 Notes
  • Economics Class 10 Notes
Revision Notes for Class 10
Chapter Names 
Political Science
First Flight
Footprints without Feet
  • पाठ 1 हरिहर काका
  • पाठ 2 सपनों के-से दिन
  • पाठ 3 टोपी शुक्ला
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