Class 10 Social Science (SSt) Notes

Social Science (SSt) contains vast number of topics that are lengthy in nature. You need to prepare notes of your chapters after studying so that you can easily grasp important concepts in easy manner. In this page, we have provided Class 10 Social Science Notes in crisp manner that will cover all important topics chapterwise so you don't have to hustle in revising the chapters. We have prepared these notes by covering all the important points. These Class 10 SSt Notes will help you in the preparation of the examination will improve your marks.

Class 10 History Notes
Class 10 Civics Notes
Class 10 Geography Notes
Class 10 Economics Notes

There are total four subjects in Class 10 Social Science: History, Geography, Civics and Economics. History textbook has five chapters. The first two chapters are related to the development of nationalism in Europe and India. In the next two chapters, we will talk about the structure of economies and societies and see how world started becoming a narrow place. The last chapter is about the emergence of Print Culture and how it helps in circulating ideas.

Geography textbook has seven chapters. The first chapter deals with the types of resources and specifically about land resources. The second chapter is about forests and wildlife resources and their conversation.

Class 10 History Notes

Revision Notes of The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
Revision Notes of The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
Revision Notes of Nationalism in India
Revision Notes of The Making of a Global World
Revision Notes of The Age of Industrialisation
Revision Notes of Work, Life and Leisure
Revision Notes of Print Culture and the Modern World
Revision Notes of Novels, Society and History

Study Materials of Geography (Contemporary India II)

Revision Notes of Resources and Development
Revision Notes of Forest and Wildlife Resources
Revision Notes of Water Resources
Revision Notes of Agriculture
Revision Notes of Minerals and Energy Resources
Revision Notes of Manufacturing Industries
Revision Notes of Life Lines of National Economy

Study Materials of Civics (Democratic Politics II)

Revision Notes of Power Sharing
Revision Notes of Federalism
Revision Notes of Democracy and Diversity
Revision Notes of Gender, Religion and Caste
Revision Notes of Popular Struggles and Movements
Revision Notes of Political Parties
Revision Notes of Outcomes of Democracy

Study Materials of Economics (Understanding Economic Development)

Revision Notes of Development
Revision Notes of Sectors of the Indian Economy
Revision Notes of Money and Credit
Revision Notes of Globalisation and the Indian Economy
Revision Notes of Consumer Rights
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