Summary of Chapter 1 A Letter to God (Quick Revision  Notes, Character Sketches and Word Meanings) First Flight Class 10

A letter to God summary class 10 english is very essential in understanding the story of the chapter. By reading the explanation of a letter to God, students will gain confidence. They will be able to give proper explanation of the story and write the questions and answers. We have also provided quick revision notes for a letter to God to easily understand the concept of the chapter.

Summary of Chapter 1 A Letter to God Class 10 English

Summary of the Chapter

Lencho was a farmer. He had the field of ripe corn dotted with the flowers. He hoped for a downpour or at least a shower. He was happy to see huge mountains of clouds.

A Letter to God Summary and Explanation

But suddenly strong wind began to blow with the large hailstones. The hail rained for an hour and the field was white as if covered with salt. The corn was destroyed completely. The hail has left nothing. He did not understand what to do. But he had a great faith in god. He decided to seek help from god. He wrote a letter to god demanding 100 pesos.

A Letter to God Summary and Explanation

When the postman read the letter addressing to god he could not stop himself by laughing. But the post master who was a fat, amiable man decided to help Lencho. He collected 70 pesos from his friends, charity and he himself gave part of his salary.

A Letter to God Summary and Explanation

The following Sunday Lencho came to collect the money. But he was disappointed to find only 70 pesos. He was angry and he wrote again a letter to god demanding the rest of the money. He also wrote that the god should not send the money through the post office because what he believed that the post office employees are a bunch of crooks.

Quick Revision Notes for A letter to God

  • Lencho’s crops had failed that year and he had only a single hope i.e. God!
  • He wrote a letter to God “God, my crops have failed and my family is going to starve. I need some money- hundred pesos.”
  • At the post office, the postmen saw such a queer letter and brought it to the postmaster.
  • The postmaster was a man of sympathy and understand a man like Lencho.
  • Postmaster observed that faith of Lencho was strong as a child’s so he decided to send an amount of hundred pesos to the poor farmer.
  • Hundred pesos was a huge amount, the postmaster was able to collect only seventy pesos. However, he sent the money to Lencho.
  • Lencho received the money with a belief that God had helped him.
  • Lencho was sad and angry after counting the money as he received only seventy instead of hundred.
  • Lencho wrote another letter to God and dropped the letter in the same postbox and went.
  • The postmaster felt the biggest shock and shame in his life after opening Lencho’s second letter to God.
  • Lencho had written, “God, of the money that I had asked for, only seventy pesos reached me. Send me the rest, since I need it very much. But don’t send it to me through the post because the post office employees are a bunch of thieves. Lencho.”

Character Sketches from A letter to God

Lencho: Lencho was a simple man as farmers usually are everywhere. He had an unshaken faith in God. Lencho was highly religious and so was his wife. He believed that God always helps people with a clear conscience. Therefore, when he lost all hope and he and his family were on the verge of starvation, he looked towards God for help. He was a little educated to write a letter. He shows his innocence by trying to have a correspondence with God directly. He was strong and sturdy like an ox. Not only that, he worked day and night in the fields. While he had an unshaken faith in God, he mistrusted easily the motives of men. He could never know and nor did he ever try to know who had sent him those seventy pesos to help him. It is quite ironic that he abused his helpers by calling them ‘a bunch of crooks’.

Postmaster: The postmaster has all that is good in human thinking and behaviour. He has a thorough understanding of a sharp, sympathetic and sensitive mind. He knows how the mind of a God-fearing rustic like Lencho works. He is sensitive and sympathetic to human feelings. He doesn’t want to break the deep faith of the writer in God. The fat and friendly postmaster had a large heart too. First, he laughed at the man who wanted to have a direct correspondence with God. But he soon became serious. After reading the letter, he was deeply moved and impressed by Lencho’s faith in God.

Word Meanings

  • Crest : top/the highest part of a hill
  • Dotted with : scattered over an area
  • Predict : foretell the future
  • Drape : cover
  • Locusts : insects which fly in big groups and destroy crops.
  • Solitary : lonely / single
  • Upset : disturbed
  • Conscience : an inner sense of right and wrong
  • Peso : currency of several Latin American countries
  • Amiable : friendly and pleasant
  • Correspondence : an act of writing letters
  • Resolution : a firm decision
  • Contentment : satisfaction
  • Crooks : dishonest persons / people

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