Summary of Chapter 3 Midnight Visitor (Quick Revision Notes) Footprints without Feet Class 10th

Summary of the Chapter

Fowler is surprised to see a secret agent Ausable who is too fat to be a secret agent. Ausable tells him that he was going to get an important paper for which many men have risked their lives. When both of them reach Ausable’s room.

Fowler is scared to see a man standing in the room. Max who is tall and thin man and is holding an automatic pistol in his hand. He had entered his room by using a key to take the report concerning a new missile. Ausable, sensing the danger, fabricated a story about the non-existent balcony which Max believed to be true.

Ausable complained that it was due to the balcony that somebody had entered his room the second time. After sometime there was knocking at the door. Ausable again befooled Max by saying that it was the police who wanted to come inside to provide him protection. Max wanted to run away to avoid the police and jumps to his death into that non-existent balcony.

Quick Revision Notes

• Ausable was a secret agent but he didn’t look like that . He was very fat but not much tall but he is much alert in his mind.

• Ausable had a room on the sixth and top floor of a French Hotel.

• Fowler was a writer. Ausable told him that he would get an important report that night concerning some new missiles. This report could change the course of history.

• Fowler saw Max, another secret agent who threatens Fowler with a pistol demanding the report.

• Ausable handled Max cleverly. He told Max that he would complain to the hotel authorities about the balcony Which should be closed immediately.

• There was a loud knocking at the door. Ausable smiled and told that that was the police.

• Max got nervous. His face was black with anger. He asked Ausable to send the police back.In the meantime he would go and wait on the balcony.

• Max jumped into the balcony. In this way Ausable got rid of Max.

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