Kritika Hindi Class 10 Notes| Summary and Important Points

Kritika is a supplementary reader of the Class 10 Hindi Course A. There are five chapters in the textbook however two of them are removed from the syllabus. Therefore, we are left three chapters. These chapters are very long and detailed. If you have less time or going to revise the it is not easy to do this in short time. At this time, Kritika Hindi Class 10 Notes prepared by StudyRankers can help you. We have included all the important points while preparing these notes which will ease your exam preparation activity. You can visit these notes clicking on the chapter name provided below.

  • Chapter 1 Mata ka Aanchal Notes
  • Chapter 2 George Pancha ki Naak Notes
  • Chapter 3 Sana-Sana Hath Jodi Notes
  • Chapter 4 Aiehi Thayian Jhulni Herani ho Rama Notes
  • Chapter 5 Main Kyon Likhta Hun Notes

Kritika Hindi Class 10 Extra Questions

MCQ Test of Kritika Hindi Class 10
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