Summary of The Hack Driver NCERT Class 10th

Summary of Chapter 8 The Hack Driver (Quick Revision Notes) Footprints without Feet Class 10th

Summary of the Chapter

In this lesson, a young lawyer is made to serve summons instead of practicing law. He hates his job as sometimes he is beaten up. Once he is directed by `the law firm to serve summons to one Mr. Oliver Lutkins, who lived in a village called New Mullion. The young laywer goes to the village with some expectations of village life but he is disappointed. He meets a hack driver who is a very helpful man according to him.

Quick Revision Notes

• The narrator completed his graduation in law and joined a big firm as a junior assistant clerk.

• He was given the dirty and dangerous job of serving summons.

• He gets an opportunity to go to a village to serve summons.

• A helpful hack driver at the station offers to take him in his cart and find Lutkins.

• The driver takes him to all the places where Lutkins could be found but fails to locate him.

• He shows him the village and describes the country life.

• They do not find Lutkins but the lawyer is very happy to find such a friendly and helpful man.

• They visit Lutkin's home and meet his mother who frightens them away.

• The Lawyer ends up paying for six hours to the hack driver.

• He returns to the city. His chief is angry at his failure to find Lutkins.

• The chief sends the lawyer back the next day with a man who knows Lutkins.

• The lawyer shows him the helpful hack driver.

• His companion tells him that the hack driver was Oliver Lutkins.

• The lawyer feels embarrassed and unhappy when he serves summons to a laughing Oliver Lutkins.

NCERT Solutions of The Hack Driver

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