Hindi Class 10 Notes and Summary

There are two courses in Hindi subject: Course A and B. Each course has two textbooks. Here, in this page you will find the Hindi Class 10 Notes through which you can understand the chapters easily. Also, we have provided meanings of difficult words which will help you in improving Hindi Vocabulary. These Hindi Class 10 Summary includes all the important points of the chapters so you can revise them before the examination in less time.

Course A includes Kshitiz (main textbook) and Kritika (supplementary reader). Course B includes Sparsh (main textbook) and Sanchyan (supplementary reader).

Kshitiz Class 10 Summary

Kritika Class 10 Summary

Sparsh Class 10 Summary

Sanchyan Class 10 Summary

  • हरिहर काका Summary
  • सपनों के से दिन Summary
  • टोपी शुक्ला Summary

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi

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