Summary of Two Stories about Flying- His First Flight (Quick Revision Notes, Character Sketches and Word Meanings) First Flight Class 10

Summary of the Chapter

This story of a young seagull and He wouldn’t dare to fly, and the entire family member encourage him to fly but all went in vain, and for the same, he was harshly punished by his parents. He was left all alone on the ledge starving for 24 hours. He cried with hunger. After all his mother took final decision to put before him bait. It worked, he dived for a scrap of fish.

Summary of His First Flight Class 10 First Flight

Mother was high up in the sky and he was in the open air falling down and down. Bravery is the fear is the victory. And he opened his wings and found himself flying. In this way to young seagull take his first flight. Hence, we can say parental encouragement and discipline play a extraordinary role in shaping the destiny of the young children.

Quick Revision Notes

• This story is about a young seagull, who was afraid of flying.

• Young seagull was full of pessimism.

• His parents and family members used to encourage him for his first flight but he doesn’t have enough courage to fly.

Summary of His First Flight Class 10 First Flight

• He was left alone by his family members for 24 hours and he ate nothing.

• He was very hungry and he begged for food for mother.

• Young seagull’s mother diverted his mind from fear to food.

• He dived when he saw the food. He cried and screamed but his wings opened automatically and flapped his wings.

Summary of His First Flight Class 10 First Flight

• After all he was joined by his family in his first flight.

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