Summary of Chapter 5 Footprints without Feet (Quick Revision Notes) Footprints without Feet Class 10th

Summary of the Chapter

Griffin, an eccentric scientist discovered a rare drug. This could make a naked man invisible. He was not liked by his landlord. He decided to take revenge on him. One day he set his landlord's house on fire. Then he drank his rare drug and put off his clothes. Now, he could see everyone but none could see him. He was safe from being caught. But he was without clothes and it was very cold. He passed the night in a London store. He stole goods and money from the store. Then he went to a village called Iping. He stayed at an inn. He stole money from clergy man's desk. A policeman named Jaffers was called. A strange fight took place. Griffin took off his bandages, his glasses and his hat. Now, he looked helpless. People were horrified. Griffin hit the policeman. He got free and ran away.

Quick Revision Notes

• Two boys on a London street were surprised to see fresh muddy footprints of bare feet without finding who was making them.

• These footprints had been made by Griffin, an eccentric scientist who had discovered how to make his body transparent.

• To get away after he had burnt his landlord's house down, he had to remove his clothes so that he became invisible.

• Griffin entered unseen into a big store to get warm. When the store closed at night, he put on new clothes, consumed meat and coffee from the restaurant and went to sleep on a pile of quilts.

• He overslept and was seen by the shop assistants in the morning. He again took off his clothes to escape them

• Then he entered a theatrical company, and wore bandages on his face, dark glasses, a false nose and bushy side-whiskers. He robbed the shopkeeper of his money and escaped to Iping village by train to avoid being caught.

• He rented two rooms at an inn in the village. He explained to Mrs Hall, its owner, that he had an accident and did not want to be disturbed. Soon his money finished and so he robbed a clergyman's house by using his invisibility.

• That same day, when Mrs. Hall entered his room, she and her husband were 'attacked by the furniture. This made Mrs. Hall think that it was haunted by spirits. 9. When the clergyman reported the burglary to the police, Griffin was suspected of having a hand in it. So, the village constable, Jaffers came to arrest him on suspicion.

• Meanwhile, Mrs. Hall asked Griffin to explain all the unusual happenings. Griffin lost his temper and took off all his clothes (thus becoming invisible), knocked Jaffers unconscious and ran away.

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