Summary of Chapter 10 The Book that Saved the Earth (Quick Revision Notes) Footprints without Feet Class 10th

Summary of the Chapter

The play ‘The Book That Saved The Earth’ is full of imagination. In it, the different character like Think-Tank, Noodle, Oop, Omega etc. play as the Martian living beings, the time set of the play is 25th century. The play tell us in detail as how the book successfully saved the earth from Martian invasion . Think-Tank who is the mightiest and the most brilliant among all the Martians is the commander–in–chief. Think-Tank conducts the manned space probe in order to ask them their position. At this Think-Tank ask them to show him the place closely. In fact, they were in a library full of different books. But they fail to understand where they were. Then Think-Tank tries to show his intelligence and tells his crew that the thing in question was a sandwich. Then one of the crew members even eats the corner of a book to confirm the views of Think-Tank. After some time Noodle suggests Think-Tank that it was not for eating but for communication with ears. After some time Noodle again suggests Think-Tank that it was not for ear communication but for eye communication.

Then they opened the books and try to read them. But they failed to understand the language. The Omega opens a big volume of ‘Mother Goose’ and ties to read it Noodle ask Think-Tank if the chemical department has given them the vitamins to increase intelligence and then read the sandwiches. As Oop starts reading the book of nursery rhymes to Think-Tank he feels trouble. He leaves the idea of invading. Instead, he tries to save himself from the invasion of the earthlings. He orders his crew to leave the earth at once and he himself runs to safety.

Quick Revision Notes

• The Historian welcomes visitors to the Museum of Ancient History in the twenty-fifth century.

• She informs them how a book saved the Earth from a Martian invasion in 2040.

• In 2040, the ruler of Mars orders the invasion of Earth.

• Think-Tank, the ruler, sends a probe to Earth.

• The probe team reaches a library but are puzzled to see books. They make guesses. One of them calls them hats.

• Think Tank very proudly calls them sandwiches and orders his crew to eat them.

• The trainee under Think Tank, Noodle, points out that they may be used for communication.

• Think Tank orders them to listen to the communication devices (books).

• When they can't hear anything, Noodle says that Earthlings watch them.

• Think-Tank asks his crew to watch them. But they cannot understand the pictures or the lines of writing.

• They are ordered to eat vitamins that were given to them and decode the lines of writing.

• After consuming vitamins, the crew is able to read nursery rhymes and words like 'shell, silver, dog laughing, cow-jumped over the moon' etc.

• Think Tank assumes that earthlings were a very advanced civilisation.

• Think-Tank is further terrified when he sees the picture of Humpty Dumpty. He assumes that earthlings were planning to capture him by invading Mars.

• He orders the Martian fleet to evacuate Mars and he decides to flee to the stars Alpha Centauri to escape from earthlings.

• In the twenty fifth century, the Historian says that people of Earth and Martians are friends. Earthlings have established a library in the Martian capital of Marsopolis.

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