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Hindi language subject is one of the core subject of masses. CBSE has divided Class 9th Hindi into two course, Course A and B. Student only have to opt for a single course. There are two textbook in both courses. We have provided the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi of all four textbooks. These solutions are helpful in getting maximum marks in the examination. You can get solutions of your desired textbook by clicking on the link provided below.

Course A

Kshitiz and Kritka are the textbooks of Course A. There are total 17 chapters given in the main textbook that create literary sensations in the students. The poem is taken from the medieval era also known as Bhakti Kal in Hindi Literature such as compositions of Kabir, Raskhan and ladlad. In order to give importance to freedom movement, describing nature and human dignity, the poems of nine poets representing different periods of Hindi poetry have been compiled in kshitiz. These poems are given in order of easy to hard. The prose parts contains different style of prose such as story, travelogue, essay, diary, satire, autobiography etc. which ensures the form of pluralistic and secular society should came forward.

Kritika textbook contains total five prose compositions. Leaving story, all other four compositions are long which will help student in developing habit of patient reading. At the end of every chapter, some questions have been given which will give students the opportunity to engage deeply with the chapter.

Course B

Sparsh and Sanchyan are the textbooks of Course B. Sparsh book is divided into two parts-prose section and poetic section. The sequence of lessons in the prose section has been done keeping in mind the grammatical difficulty of the composition texts. In the poetic section, the poems have been kept in their chronological order.

Sanchyan textbook contains six chapters which introduce students their cultural heritage. The texts includes story, memoir, autobiography, travelogue and translated compositions which will help students to get acquainted with the stylistic characteristics of these different disciplines.

Why NCERT Solutions of StudyRankers?

Hindi Class 9 NCERT Solutions are prepared by the experts of StudyRankers will give the accurate and detailed answers of every questions. The solutions are prepared according to the marking scheme provided by CBSE that will ensure you can score more marks in the examination. If you want to discuss anything about syllabus or doubts then you can use our discussion platform also.

Notes of Class 9 Hindi

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