Stummary of Two Stories about Flying- Black Aeroplane (Quick Revision Notes and Word Meanings) First Flight Class 10

Summary of the Chapter

The story revolves around the mystery, ‘who was another pilot?’

The story teller was on his flight go to England hoping to have a good English breakfast with his family. But during flight he saw great storm clouds ahead of him and clouds are looks like mountains. He risked entering in the clouds and everything turned black.

He saw another aeroplane without lights on its wings. The pilot waved his hand to the story teller and asked him to follow him. The story teller followed that another pilot as his compass, radio went dead. Even there was not enough fuel in his tank. With the help of another pilot, he landed safely and when he went to receptionist to thank the pilot he was informed by the lady that there was no any other plane flying in the sky that night.

Summary of Black Aeroplane Class 10 First Flight

Quick Revision Notes

• At the midnight a pilot of old Dakota aeroplane flies over Paris (France) towards England.

• Pilot was flies with the dreams of having breakfast in the morning and spending holidays with his family.

• Unfortunately he passes through huge black clouds.

Summary of Black Aeroplane Class 10 First Flight

• The compass, radio, fuel gauge and all other equipment turned dead. Even not enough fuel in fuel tank.

• Suddenly he noticed another pilot in black aeroplane waved his hand to follow his instructions.

• Suddenly he noticed a row of light on the ground and that’s runway, he lands safely.

• He went to receptionist and asks about the aeroplane. But he is dumbstruck to know that there is no aeroplane noticed on the radar that night.

Summary of Black Aeroplane Class 10 First Flight

• Many questions in his mind remain unsolved about the mysterious the black aeroplane.

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