Notes of Ch 12 Areas Related to Circles| Class 10th Math

Revision Notes for Ch 12 Areas related to Circles Class 10th Mathematics

Area of Sector

Sector: Sector of a Circle is given as part of Circle enclosed by 2 radius and arc.

In the diagram, shaded area OAB is the sector.
Here, θ is the angle subtended by the arc AB on the center O of the circle.

Area of Semi Circle

Semi-Circle is a sector forming an angle 180° with center.
Now, Area of Semi Circle will be given as

Area of Quarter Circle

Area of Segment

Segment is defined as area enclosed by chord and arc of the circle.

Perimeter of Sector

• It is the length which enclosed the sector.

• Length of arc AB + OA + OB.

• OA=OB=r, that is radius of sector.


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