Summary of Chapter 1 A Triumph of Surgery (Quick Revision Notes) Footprints without Feet Class 10th

Summary of the Chapter

Mr. Pumphrey was a rich and emotional lady who has a cute pet . It was a small dog. She named it Tricky. She loved him so much that she usually overfed him. Tricki had put on a lot of weight which made him slow and pathetic. When doctor James Herriot saw the fat dog like a bloated sausage, he was very shocked. He made a plan and told Mrs. Pumphrey that Tricki needed treatment for a disease which was possible only in hospital.

The doctor knew that Mrs. Pumphrey would not be able to keep the dog on a proper diet. When the greedy dog went to the hospital he had to remain hungry if he was slow to approach for food. He was given food at fixed intervals. Soon he shed off a lot of his body weight and became quite active.

When Tricki was at home, he was pampered by Mrs. Pumphrey. He had a luxurious life when he was served with cream cake chocolate and horlicks. But when he came to the doctor he became all right. When Mrs. Pumphrey saw her active dog, she thanked the doctor and felt that it was a triumph of surgery.

Quick Revision Notes

• Tricki was a small dog. It was excessively loved by his mistress, Mrs. Pumphery.

• Tricki was greedy dog who loved food, but do no exercise. As a result he became fat

• Mrs. Pumphery believed that he became lazy due to suffering from malnutrition.

• She was a wealthy woman. She loved her dog so much.

• She also gave him some little foods between the meals to build him up, malt, cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks at night. She gave him lot to eat but no exercise.

• Once he became ill & she was worried. She made a call to James Herriot who was a vet.

• James already had given suggestions regarding Tricki’s balanced diet. But she never followed it.

• He was a vet. He was shocked to see Tricki hugely fat, like a bloated sausage with a leg at each corner. He advised her to cut down on the sweet things.

• He expected call came within a few days & it happened. He was called by Mrs. Pumphery as Tricki refused to eat.

• He told her that Tricki need an immediate hospitalization for keeping under observation at his surgery for a fortnight.

• In the hospital, he gave him no food no medicine but plenty of water.

• Gradually, he mixed with other dogs & started playing with them.

• He had a lot of exercises & fun at the surgery.

• He was completely recovered & transformed into a hard muscled dog.

• James Herriot treated the dog without medicine or surgery.

• Mrs. Pumphrey was happy & filled with gratitude.

• She thanked Herriot & said it was a triumph of surgery.

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