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Hindi subject is divided into two courses in Class 10th, Course A and B. A student only has to study one of these courses. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi for both courses are provided here. Each course has two textbooks. These solutions are prepared by the experts of StudyRankers which are detailed and accurate so you don't need to waste your time in finding exact answers. Select your desired textbook from the list to start reading NCERT Solutions.

Class 9th Hindi Language subject textbooks contains various pieces of writings that will enable learners to analyse the moral values and understand literary arts in well manner. Hindi is one of the main language subject which have mass students and learners. You also need to study Grammar and Writing section in order to score more marks in the examination.

Course A

Kshtiiz and Kritika are the textbooks of this course. Kritika is supplementary reader while Kshitiz is the main textbook. The main textbook consist of seventeen chapters, of which eight are prose works
and nine are poems. The poems are sequenced according to chronological order so that students can understand the literary writings of Bhakti Kal, Ritikal and modern times and become familiar with the development of the Hindi poetry. The prose part includes story, memoir, drawing, autobiography, etc. with thoughtful and sarcastic essays.
On the other hand, Kritika supplementary textbook has been created according to the age, interest and merit of the students. Five compositions have been compiled in the textbook. These compositions are specific in its story, craft and presentation.

Course B

Sparsh and Sanchyan are textbook of Course B. The main textbook Sparsh contains different types of prose such as essays, memorable, drama, folklore etc. This will help learner in understanding the difficult terms and words of the Hindi language and build their vocabulary.

Sanchayan textbook has three chapters. The chapter will introduce the students to cultural heritage in the field of folk tradition, literature, art, science, society etc. and develop positive attitude towards them. Thus, careful selection of the classical text has been done.

Why NCERT Solutions of StudyRankers?

Class 10 NCERT Solutions Hindi prepared by the StudyRankers faculty are accurate and to the point so that you can get maximum marks in the examination. You can also prepare your own answers by taking help from these answers. It will help you in understanding the chapter thoroughly.

Notes of Class 10 Hindi

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