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First Flight Class 10 textbook is one of the parts of English Language and literature course. Here, you can find NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight that will help you in finding difficult Class 10 English NCERT Solutions easily from the latest edition of the textbook. The book consists of a variety of prose and poems which will entertain you and also develop your intellect at the same time. There are various questions given at the end of each chapter known as NCERT Solutions which you have to solve that will check your understanding of the chapter. If you are finding any problem while finding the answers to these questions, then you can take help from this page. You only need to select your desired chapter from the following links to get started.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight

There are total eleven chapters in the textbook. Each chapter has one prose and a poem. There are various exercises provided in this textbook such as an introductory section, Before You Read, gives information or activates knowledge about the text to be read, the Oral Comprehension Check, which aims at a quick, ongoing check that learners are indeed following the text up to that point, Thinking about the Text contains questions that are designed to enable the learner to move from factual understanding to critical thinking, Thinking about Language provides exercises or tasks that follow naturally from the contexts suggested by a particular unit.

Why to use NCERT Solutions for Class 10 First Flight English of StudyRankers? is a place where you can find NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English which are according to latest marking pattern 2019-20 released by CBSE. These solutions are prepared by our experts that are detailed and provide concepts related to the chapter. These solutions will also help you in understanding the important concepts of the chapter.

Chapter 1- A Letter to God

Lencho was a farmer. His crop was destroyed in a Hailstorm. Lencho had great faith in God. He wrote a letter to God. He asked God to send him some money. At the post-office, the master read Lencho’s letter. He decided to help Lencho. He collected some money. He put it inside an envelope. The next Sunday, Lencho came to check whether there was any letter for him. The master gave him that envelope. Once Lencho opened the envelope he found the cash. He took out the money and counted it. He found that it was less than he had asked for. He wrote another letter to God. He asked God to send him the rest of the money. But he asked God not to send it by post because the post-office employees were a bunch of crooks.

Chapter 2- Long Walk of Freedom

 After a great struggle, democratic elections were held in which Nelson Mandela was elected the first black President of South Africa On May 10, 1994, Mandela was sworn in as the President. In this chapter chapter, Mandela pays tribute to those black heroes and patriots who waged a relentless struggle against the racist regime of South Africa. He recalls briefly how this day was celebrated and what his feelings were at the time of those celebrations.

Chapter 3- Two Stories about Flying

This story is of hesitation, trial and error and finally getting success in the end. A young seagull lives with his parents, two brothers and a sister. One day, all other members fly away to a plateau across the sea. But the young seagull is afraid of flying. So, he is left behind on the ledge. He gets no food for two days. The mother wants to end her young one's fear. She has a piece of fish in her beak. She comes very near to the ledge but does not land on it. The young one dives at his mother to have the food. He falls downward into space. His wings spread outward. He flaps them and begins to fly. All his fear goes. It was his first flight. This chapter gives a message that repeated trials and errors lead him to success.

Chapter 4- From the Diary of Anne Frank

This chapter is a extract from one of the most authentic works describing the atrocities committed on the Jews during the Nazi’s occupation of the Netherlands in the 1940s.

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