First Flight Class 10th Extra Questions English Important Questions Answer Included

There are lots of NCERT Questions given at the end of each chapter in First Flight textbook however if you want to pass exams with good marks then you need consider First Flight Class 10th Important Questions given here. We have prepared these questions from the important parts of the stories and poems. These questions will also help you in revising chapters. Through these you can also revise the important parts of the chapter. All answers are prepared according to the latest exam pattern of the CBSE. You can easily open extra questions by clicking on the chapter name provided below.

  • A Letter to God Important Questions
  • Long Walk to Freedom Important Questions
  • His First Flight Important Questions
  • Black Aeroplane Important Questions
  • From the Diary of Anne Frank Important  Questions
  • The Hundred Dresses - I Important Questions
  • The Hundred Dresses - II Important Questions
  • A Baker from Goa Important Questions
  • Coorg Important Questions
  • Tea from Assam Important Questions
  • Mijbil the Otter Important Questions
  • Madam Rides the Bus Important Questions
  • The Sermon at Benares Important Questions
  • The Proposal Important Questions
  • Dust of Snow Important Questions
  • Fire and Ice Important Questions
  • A Tiger in the Zoo Important Questions
  • How to Tell Wild Animals Important Questions
  • The Ball Poem Important Questions
  • Amanda! Important Questions
  • Animals Important Questions
  • The Trees Important Questions
  • Fog Important Questions
  • The Tale of Custard the Dragon Important Questions
  • For Anne Gregory Important Questions

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