Chapter 2 A Gift of Chappals Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 2 A Gift of Chappals Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 2 A Gift of Chappals Class 7 English Summary

Mridu is a young girl living with her grandmother and grandfather. She went to her aunt, Rukku Manni's house with Tapi, her grandmother. She met her cousins Lalli, Ravi and Meena. Ravi and Meena took her to the backyard where they had hidden a kitten inside a torn football. The kitten was busy drinking milk that was kept inside a half-shell of a coconut.

Ravi called the kitten Mahendravarma Pallava Poonai, M.P. Poonai in short. He says that the kitten is a descendant of Mahabalipuram Rishi - Cat! who was the descendant of Egyptian Cat - Goddess Bastet! As Ravi keeps talking high about the kitten, they are distracted by a kreeching sound which also frightened the kitten. Ravi tells Mridu that his sister Lalli is learning to play violin.

The music master used to come to their house to give her music lessons. A beggar was also a regular visitor to Rukku Manni's house. Rukku Manni finally got fed up and asked him not to come again. The beggar showed the children large, pink, peeling blisters on the soles of his feet. Mridu said that he had no money to buy a pair of chappals.

To show her concern, Mridu suggested Meena and Ravi to give him a pair of chappals if they have one in the house. The children search the house but all goes in vain. Mridu once again notices the odd-looking chappals which she has seen while entering the house. She asks Ravi whom they belong to. Ravi picks them up and gives them to the beggar. The beggar, pleased to get this gift of chappals, blesses the children and leaves.

After some time the music master came out of the house and found his chappals missing. Displeased, he started looking for them everywhere. The matter was brought to the notice of Rukku Manni. When it was confirmed that children had given the chappals to the beggar, she gave Gopu Mama's hardly worn new chappals to the music master. did exactly what the children had done before. He accepts them gladly. After the music-master leaves, Rukku Manni takes Mridu to the kitchen for refreshments. Ruku Manni's anger has vanished by now as she laughs, thinking what Gopu Mama would say on knowing that she had given his chappals to the music master.

Word Meanings

• Scrawny: thin (suggesting skinny toes)
• Paati: grandmother (in Tamil)
• throw her off the scent: mislead her so that she won’t understand the real purpose
• thatha: grandfather (in Tamil)
• descended from: a descendent of, or comes from, the same family
• stowaway: someone who hides himself/herself in a ship or an aircraft to travel unnoticed
• weird: strange or unusual
• glided: moved along smoothly
• veshti: dhoti (in Tamil)
• beringed: The music- master is wearing a ring.
• kept my body and soul together: managed to stay alive
• fed up: tired and unhappy
• blisters: bubbles on the skin, from burns or rubbing
• urking: waiting quietly (without attracting attention)
• clattered off: gone off noisily (with the noise or clatter of chappals)
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