Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep Class 6 English Summary

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The Wonder Called Sleep Class 6 English Summary

The Wonder Called Sleep Class 6 English Summary

What is sleep? Sleep is a state of rest. It is caused by tiresome activities of the day. After a good sleep, our body recovers from fatigue. We become fresh and active again. When we are in deep sleep, our muscles relax and our heartbeat becomes slower. Our blood pressure and body temperature also go down.

What is a dream? It is an activity of the mind when we are asleep. Some dreams are believable, others are not. Dreams can help us to sleep through noises and disturbances. They often reveal a lot about our problems. They help us sleep in spite of the noise or other disturbances. We keep dreaming and sleeping even when the telephone or doorbell rings. Some doctors say that one's dream often tells a great deal about one's problems. Dreams can never tell the future.

Sleep is often called a wonder because after sleep we become more alert and active. It gives us energy and make us ready for normal day to day activities.

Word Meanings

• Fatigue—tiredness
• Unconscious—unaware
• Muscles—tissues composed of cell
• Consciously—with awareness
• Probable—likely to occur
• Unfathomable—very deep
• Winding—waving.
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