Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun Class 6 English Summary

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Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun Class 6 English Summary

Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun Class 6 English Summary

Saeeda's mother was suffering from fever, cough, body-ache and painful joints. Many physicians treated her but to no use. She was lying in a room with closed windows and doors and no fresh air or warm sunshine entered her room. She was becoming critical eventually but they were so poor that they could not afford to consult a specialist.

Lastly, a specialist was called to examine her. He prescribed her an effective but costly medicine and advised her to leave the dingy room and shift into a bigger room with doors and windows open. He also asked her to sit in the sun every morning from eight to nine. Many opposed the doctor's advise but she followed the doctor's advice very strictly.

The sky remained overcast with clouds for the next two days. In the afternoon of the second day, Saeeda saw some sun rays in the courtyard of their house. She requested the sun rays to come back the next day with lot of warmth and brightness as her mother needed their help. The very next day the sunrays were ready to go down to the earth. But Sun, their father, stopped them as the clouds were dark, thick and dirty. One of them however revolted against their father because he had made a pact with Saeeda. He requested his father to allow them to go as Saeeda needed them. With this the other rays too rushed to the earth.

Saeeda was very happy to see them. From then, her mother sat in the sun every morning. Soon, the sun and the fresh air together made her healthy. Saeeda's mother however, still follows the doctor's advice-an hour of sunlight and lungful of fresh air everyday.

Word Meanings

• Ailing - sick
• Body-ache - body pain
• Relapsed - returned
• Substitute - replaced
• Perpetually - constantly
• Dingy - dirty
• Deprived of - lacking in
• Persuaded - convinced
• Trinkets - ornaments with less value
• Emphatically - forcefully
• Entangled - tuck
• Hovel - a shed
• Overcast - covered
• Dejected - sad
• Muttered - murmured
• Lament - wailing sound
• Mucky - dirty
• Departing - leaving
• Sprightly - lively
• Embellished - adorned
• For a lark - for merriment
• Relented - became mild
• Battalion - army
• Flee - run away in fear
• Bewildered - confused
• Reclining - bending backward
• Bolsters - big pillows
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