Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile Class 6 English Summary

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Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile Class 6 English Summary

Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile Class 6 English Summary

Once upon a time, a monkey lived in a tree that bore juicy fruits. He was very happy but very lonely. One day a crocodile came near the tree. Gradually, the monkey and the crocodile became friends. They discussed their lives, their friends and family, like all friends do. The monkey plucked some delicious fruits from the tree and gave him to eat. The monkey also gave the crocodile some fruits for his wife.  The crocodile's wife did not like her husband's friendship with the monkey. She was annoyed because her husband had started coming home late every day.

One day, she asked her husband to bring the monkey to the house. She wanted to eat the monkey's heart. The crocodile was not happy about this and made excuse but his wife got furious and dived deep into the river. He was in a dilemma. On one hand, he loved his friend. On the other, he could not ignore his wife’s wishes.

The crocodile went to invite the monkey to come home to meet his wife. He told the monkey that he could ride across the river on his back.  In the middle of the river, the crocodile told the monkey that he had brought him there because his wife wanted to eat his heart. The monkey maintained his calm after listening this. He told him that he would gladly give up his heart for the crocodile's wife, but he had left his heart behind in the tree. He asked the crocodile to turn back so that the monkey could go to get his heart from the tree. The crocodile quickly swam back to the apple tree. As soon as they reached the bank of the river, the monkey climbed the tree and was safe. He told the crocodile that they would never meet again. The crocodile felt sad that he had lost his friend.

Word Meanings

• Laden - loaded
• Content - satisfaction
• Politely - humbly
• Plucked - picked
• Hatched - to breed young one’s from egg,
• Pester - to give trouble
• Dilemma - critical situation
• Hesitatingly - in a wavering manner
• Distressed - upset
• Heaved - took
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