NCERT Solutions for Class 6th: Ch 7 The Wonder Called Sleep A Pact with the Sun English

By Edward Thomas

Page No: 24


1. What is the most obvious advantage of sleep?


It helps our body and brain to recover from fatigue.

2. What happens to our body when we sleep?


(i) our body recovers from fatigue.
(ii) our muscles relax.
(iii) our heartbeat becomes slower.
(iv) our temperature and blood pressure go down.
(v) brain slows down.

3. Define a dream in your own words.


A dream is series of thoughts or mental activity during sleep.

4. Why are dreams important? Mention two reasons.


(i) Dream help us to sleep through noise or other disturbances.
(ii) It can provide a key to the solution of those problems.

5. Why has sleep been called a wonder?


Sleep has been called a wonder because it reveals something's about problems but cannot tell the future. It takes us to an imaginary world and help us in sleeping.

6. Describe briefly to the class an improbable dream you have had.


I had dream about a very powerful magician who can fly over clouds, across sea and mountains over his broom stick. He used to wear a long pointed cap and black long coat. In the start of dream, i was not able to see his face clearly. He can talk to trees, animals and birds and can transport anyone anywhere. One day, he was flying in the sky on his stick and i saw that this magician was me. Suddenly, he lost his balance and fell from the stick and was falling very rapidly towards the ground but i woke up and lost my dream.

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