Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match Class 6 English Summary

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A Strange Wrestling Match Class 6 English Summary

A Strange Wrestling Match Class 6 English Summary

Once there was a wrestler named Vijay Singh in a village. He was a tall man with massive shoulders and muscular arms and could beat all other wrestlers in the world but he has habit of boasting. One day while drinking milk surrounded by many young men suddenly, Vijay Singh boasted that he was not afraid of ghosts and wished to meet one. He was told by a person that ghosts roamed freely in the Haunted Desert. These ghosts looted and killed the travellers and Vijay was scared now but he did not show his fear in open and told these are all fairy tales and no true.

Vijay Singh set out to find a ghost in the Haunted Desert. Almost the entire village turned up that evening to bid farewell to him. An old lady gave him a small packet carrying an egg and a lump of salt. He set out towards the Haunted Desert in search of a ghost. On his way, he met a ghost who claimed to be his friend Natwar. Vijay Singh knew that he wasn't Natwar but the ghost of the deserts. He did not get scared and told the ghost that he was stupid as he couldn't even read a man's thoughts. Hearing this the ghost challenged Vijay for a fight. Vijay Singh picked a piece of rock. He gave it to the ghost and asked him to squeeze it and bring out the liquid. The ghost failed and Vijay very cleverly crushed the egg and the yellow part came out. Again he gave a rock to the ghost to crush, again the ghost failed. Vijay Singh easily crushed the piece of salt. He then asked the ghost to taste the powdered stone which was nothing else but salt.

Now the ghost became afraid of Vijay singh and tried to avoid wrestling with him. He decided to conquer him by cheating. He invited Vijay Singh to be his guest for the night. The ghost led him to his house in the cave. Vijay came to know of the ghost's plan. He kept the pillows on the bed and hid himself. At night the ghost struck the pillows with stick thinking that he had killed his enemy.

When the ghost woke up, he found Vijay Singh still alive. The ghost got really scared. He fled from the cave leaving all his, wealth. On his return, Vijay Singh took several camels from the village to the cave and carried the property back. Vijay Singh returned major portion of the wealth to their rightful owners He thanked the old woman for her gift, and asked her for her grand daughters hand in marriage. He gave up boasting and no traveller was looted or killed in the Haunted Desert thereafter.

Word Meanings

• Boastful - talking proudly
• Towered - rise very high
• Shortcoming - defect
• Proclaimed - announced,
• Admirers - fans
• Wilderness - uninhabited
• Bid farewell - wishing good journey
• Shone - sparkled
• Size up - measure
• Eccentricities - whims
• Sound brave - appear to be brave
• Marshaling - controlling
• Scornfully - with contempt
• Squeeze - press hard
• Stealthy - unseen
• Yolk - yellow part of an egg
• Oozed - dripped
• Illusion - deceptive
• Peered - look closely
• Handed over - gave
• Weakling - frail
• Mesmerized - enchanted
• Vanquished - defeated
• Elated - delighted
• Duped - outwitted
• Luxurious - comfortable
• Bolsters - large pillow
• Coverlet - blanket
• Stout - strong
• Crept - move silently
• Formidable - fearful
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