Notes of Ch 6 Rural Administration Class 6th Civics

Notes of Chapter 6 Rural Administration Class 6th Civics

Area of the Police Station

• Every police station has a fixed area which comes under its control.

• All persons of a particular area can register complaints in their local police station. 
→ The complaints can vary from theft, injury, fight or accident. 

The work at the Police Station

• The report lodged is known as First Information Report (F.I.R.). 

• The Station House Officer (S.H.O.) is in charge of every police station. 

• To get a case registered, one has to report in writing at the police station. 
→ Then, the police officials examine the case and take action as per the law. 

• In the rural areas, disputes occur over land very often.

Maintenance of Land Records

• Measuring land and keeping land records is the main work of the Patwari.

• The Patwari is known by different names in different states - in some villages such officers are
called Lekhpal, in others Kanungo or Karamchari or Village Officer etc.

Functions of Patwari

• The Patwari maintains and updates the records of the village.

• Responsible for organising the collection of land revenue from the farmers and providing information to the government about the crops grown in this area.

Management of Land of Village

• All states in India are divided into districts. 

• These districts are further sub-divided known by different names such as tehsil, taluka, etc.

• At the head is the District Collector and under her are the revenue officers, also known as tehsildars.

• The revenue officers or tehsildars come under the district collector.

• The tehsildar is responsible for supervising the work of Patwari regarding collection of land revenue.

• They also perform administrative tasks like providing farmers with copies of their land records and hearing land disputes.

A New Law: Hindu Succession Amendment Act (2005)

 • The Hindu Succession Amendment Act (2005) came into force from September 2005.

• In the new law sons, daughters and their mothers can get an equal share in the land. 

• The same law will apply to all states and union territories of the country.

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