Notes of Chapter 7 Urban Administration Class 6th Civics

• The cities are quite different from villages.

• There are organisations that takes care of street lights, garbage collection, water supply, keeping the streets and the market clean, runs schools, hospitals and dispensaries, maintain gardens. 

→ In big cities, these organisations are called Municipal Corporation. 
→ In smaller towns it is called a Municipal Council.

The Ward Councillor

• They are elected by the people living of their ward.

• Groups of Councillors make a budget and the money is spent according to this.

• The Ward Councillors try and ensure that the particular demands of their wards are placed before the entire council.

Administrative Staff

• Commissioner and administrative staff are appointed people

• They implement the issues.

Functions of the Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council

• The Municipal Corporation looks after the street lights, drainage system, garbage collection, water supply etc.

How does the Municipal Corporation get its money?

• The Municipal Corporation collects taxes in the form of property tax, water tax, education tax, entertainment tax etc.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 7 Urban Administration

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