NCERT Solutions for Class 6th: Ch 6 Rural Administration Social and Political Life

Page No: 56


1. What is the work of the police?


Work of the police:
(i) Maintenance of law and order.
(ii) Investigation of a case or taking FIR.
(iii) Protection of the public and their property.
(iv) Maintenance of the public safety.
(v) Testifying truthfully in the court.

2. List two things that the work of a Patwari includes.


Two things that the work of a Patwari includes:
(i) Main work is measuring of land and keeping land records.
(ii) Collection of land revenue from farmers.
(iii) Providing information to the government about the growth of the crops.

3. What is the work of a tehsildar?


Work of the tehsildar:
(i) Hearing disputes related to lands.
(ii) Supervising the work of the Patwaris.
(iii) Ensuring that land records are properly kept.
(iv) Ensuring proper collection of land revenue.
(v) Making sure that the farmers can easily obtain a copy of their record.
(vi) Caste certificates for the students.

4. What issue is the poem trying to raise? Do you think this is an important issue? Why?


The poem is trying to ruse the issue of gender discrimination based on the inheritance of land by their father.
Yes, this is an important issue because:
(i) Daughters are denied of the share.
(ii) Son not look after their mother and sisters after getting share of the property.
(iii) Raising this issue will ensure the security of the women.

5. In what ways are the work of the Panchayat, that you read about in the previous chapter, and the work of the Patwari related to each other?


(i) Panchayat often settles the small disputes of lands between locals and Patwari maintains the land records and land settle disputes.
(ii) Panchayat levied local taxes and revenue while Patwari organises the collected revenues.
(iii) Both Patwari and Panchayat need to cooperate with each other on the construction works over land area.

6. Visit a police station and find out the work that the police have to do to prevent crime and maintain law and order in their area especially during festivals, public meetings etc.


Work done by the police to prevent crime and maintain law and order in their area especially during festivals, public meetings:
(i) They enquire about the amount of crowd to be gathered in their local areas.
(ii) According to the crowd, they prepare for the proper management and policemen set up on the duty.
(iii) They also spread awareness among public to be careful and maintain peace.
(iv) They prepare for any emergency and ready to handle it.
(v) All local police station are always in contact with their head branch and cooperate with each other.

7. Who is in charge of all the police stations in a district? Find out.


Superintendent of police (SP) is in charge of all the police stations in a district while the local police station is headed by Station House Officer (SHO).

8. How do women benefit under the new law?


Benefits to women under new law:
(i) Earlier they were not entitled to their ancestor's property but now they are.
(ii) It make the women more independent and economically secure.
(iii) This also empower the women and they can leave peacefully within the society.
(iv) They can also start their own work after acquiring their shares in the property.
(v) They will be not excused over the beneficial and economical decisions.

9. In your neighbourhood are there women who own property? How did they acquire it?


Yes, in my neighbourhood many women own their property. Some acquire it from their ancestors or forefathers while some bought their property from their own income source.

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