Extract Based Questions for Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses- II Class 10 English First Flight with Solutions

Extract based questions for chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses- II has been prepared by our expert teachers. Students can read and learn from these questions and these are very important in their examination. Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses- II extract based questions are very helpful in understanding the chapter. It also help in the revision. Students can rely on these questions and answers taken from the extract of chapter The Hundred Dresses- II to get good marks in their English Paper.

Extract Based Questions for Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses- II Class 10 English First Flight with Solutions

The Hundred Dresses- II Extract Based Questions Class 10 English

Extract 1 The Hundred Dresses-II

A deep silence met the reading of this letter. Miss Mason took off her glasses, blew on them and wiped them on her soft white handkerchief. Then she put them on again and looked at the glass. When she spoke, her voice was very low.' am sure that none of the boys and girls in room thirteen would purposely and deliberately hurt anyone's feelings because his name happened to be a long, unfamiliar one. I prefer to think that what was said was said in thoughtlessness. I know that all of you feel the way I do, that this is a very unfortunate thing to have happened -unfortunate and sad, both. And I want you all to think about it."

Question 1: Which letter is referred to here?

(i) A letter from principal to her students
(ii) A letter from teacher to her students
(iii)A letter written by Wanda's father.
(iv)A letter written by Peggy.


Question 2: Whose long and unfamiliar name is talked about here?

(i) Peggy's surname is talked about here.
(ii) Wanda's long and unfamiliar second name is being talked about here
(iii) Maddie's surname is talked about here.
(iv) Miss Mason's surname is talked about here.


Question 3: Why was Miss Mason sad after reading the letter?

(i) She felt sorry for other drawings.
(ii) She felt sorry for Wanda and her father who felt insulted
(iii) She felt sorry for other two girls.
(iv) None of' the above.


Question 4: What was Mason's reaction after reading the letter?

(i) She is happy with the class behavior
(ii) She is unhappy and upset about the class behavior towards Wanda but she was not angry.
(iii) She was angry with the class
(iv) She was angry and unhappy too

Answers : 1: (iii) 2: (ii) 3: (ii) 4: (ii)


Extract 2

The first period was a study period. Maddie tried to prepare her lessons, but she could not put her mind on her work. She had a very sick feeling in the bottom of her stomach. True, she b ad not enjoyed listening to Peggy ask Wanda how many dresses she had in her closet, but she had said nothing.

Question 1: Why could Maddie not concentrate on her work?

(i) she was not feeling well.
(ii) he was not happy.
(iii) she was upset about being an indirect partner in teasing Wanda.
(iv) None of the above.


Question 2: Why did she have a sick feeling?

(i) she did not have her food
(ii) she was having headache.
(iii) she was feeling guilty for having teased Wanda.
(iv) she was guilty of asking Wanda to leave the school


Question 3: What trait of Maddie's character does this passage reflect?

(i) She is an extrovert and arrogant girl
(ii) She was an eccentric girl
(iii) She was an introvert and dissatisfied girl.
(iv) She was a sensitive girl who feels bad when Peggy teases Wanda but couldn't stop her.


Question 4: What did Peggy ask Wanda?

(i) how many pairs of shoes she had in her closet
(ii) which game she liked the most
(iii) how many dresses she had in her closet
(iv) if she could borrow some of her dresses

Answers : 1: (i) 2: (iii) 3: (iv) 4: 


Extract 3

She had stood silently, and that was just as bad as what Peggy had done. She was a coward. At least Peggy hadn't considered they were being mean but she, Maddie, had thought they were doing wrong. She could put herself in Wanda's shoes.

Question 1: Why did Maddie do when Peggy insulted Wanda?

(i) Maddie was clapping in Peggy's support
(ii) Maddie stood silently and said nothing
(iii) Madclie stopped Peggy from doing so
(iv) Maddie got angry and walked away


Question 2: From the extract find the word which is the synonymn of 'weakling'?

(i) Shriker
(ii) Coward
(iii) Deserter
(iv) Dastard


Question 3: What does the expression of put herself in Wanda's shoes' imply?

(i) Considering herself in the position of' Wanda and imagining the humiliation.
(ii) Measure one's foot with Wanda's shoes.
(iii) Measure one's shoes with other shoes.
(iv) Trying to feel the happiness of Wanda


Question 4: Maddie thought her silence was as bad as Peggy's teasing. Was she right?

(i) She was not right as she coud tell Wanda about her reality.
(ii) She was right as she indirectly supported Peggy in her teasing.
(iii) She was not right as one's silence cannot support one.
(iv) None of the above

Answers : 1: (ii) 2: (ii) 3: (i) 4: iii)


Extract 4

"Well, at least," said Peggy gruffly "I never did call her a foreigner or make fun of her name. I never thought she had the sense to know we were making fun of her anyway. I thought she was too dumb. And gee, look how she can drawl"

Question 1: How did Peggy console herself?

(i) she never made fun of her name.
(ii) Wanda was her good friend.
(iii) Wanda belonged to a good family.
(iv) All of the above


Question 2: What changed Peggy's opinion about Wanda?

(i) Her beautifully designed drawings of dresses showed that she was talented and not dull headed.
(ii) Her absence from school for many days
(iii) Her habit of not answering back.
(iv) Her being kind to all, even though they were rude to her.


Question 3: What was Peggy's opinion about Wanda?

(i) she was dumb as she didn't react when she teased her.
(ii) she was dumb as she was a slow learner
(iii) She was smart as she asked questions. (iv)she was a rude and unemotional girl


Question 4: Do you think Wanda really thought that the girls were teasing her?

(i) She really thought the girls were teasing her as she left the schools.
(ii) She really thought the girls were teasing her as she did not talk to them
(iii) She really doesn't think so as if she would have thought so she would not have sent the drawings for them
(iv) All of the above

Answers : 1: (ii) 2: (ii) 3: (i) 4: (i)

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