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The Sleeping Porter - Laxmi Prasad Devkota Questions Answers

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Important Questions for The Sleeping Porter

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Laxmi Prasad Devkota

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for The Sleeping Porter by Laxmi Prasad Devkota

1. What is meant by lid of night?


The star-studded sky is meant by lid of night.

2. What kind of message conveyed to the reader through the poem "The sleeping porter"?


The poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota threw light upon the sleeping porter who was the hero of the mountain. The porta discharged duty without any complain. So the porter conveyed a message to be labourious like the porter to the readers.

3. Why is the porter out of breath?


The porter is out of breath because he is climbing the mountain with a heavy load on his back. He is panting and sweating because he is doing a tiring work.

4. What type of smell does the Porter emit?


The Porter emits a sulphur-like sour smell.

5. What is the mother searching?


The mother is searching for nettles and vines.

6. A mother is searching for nettles and vines who is she? Why is she searching such things ?


She is Porter's wife and little son's mother. She is searching nettles and vines. Nettles have power to remove the pain of hunger. Because her son is hungry. The second thing is vine. If she would get that she must get rid of hunger.

7. What distance is covered by the "Porter'?


The Porter covers the distance of six miles in the snow of winter.

8. How is the sleeping porter the hero of the mountain ?


The sleeping porter is the hero of the mountain because he can climb the mountain with a heavy load on his back. He challenges it by climbing up in the snows of winter. So, he is the conqueror of the mountain.

9. What a stout human figure what types of body does he have ?


The porter has a shabby appearance. He does not take bath regularly. So his body is an abode of fleas and lice.

10. What is there on the Cliff ?


There is a hut on the Cliff. The Porter lives in the hut with his family.

11. Who is ‘reigning over’ the 'rich kingdom of sleep’?

Or, Which kingdom does the porter reign over?


The Porter is ‘reigning over the ‘rich kingdom of sleep'. He is in deep slumber because he is very tired.

12. What does the poet say about the porter?


In the poem “The Sleeping Porter”, the poet has described the trails and sufferings of the porter. He climbs the mountain with a heavy load on his back in the snow of winter. He is very weak but he challenges the mountain. His cap is very dirty. His hungry son is shivering with cold.

13. Who is challenging the mountains ?


The Porter is challenging the mountain.

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