Questions and Answers for Koel Class 10 English Panorama Part 2 Bihar Board

Koel - Puran Singh Questions Answers

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Important Questions for Koel

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Puran Singh

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for Koel by Puran Singh

1. What fires the Koel?


The fire of love charred the wings of the Koel.

2. What is the impact of high-pitched strain in 'Koel'?


The high-pitched notes of the koel wake a thousand memories in the poet's soul.

3. Where does the Cuckoo bird sing?


The Cuckoo find sings hidden within leaves of the mango tree. Though her wings are charred, she still looks fresh. Her high-pitched notes wake a thousand memories.

4. Why does the poet call the Koel 'a rain of spark'?


The poet calls the Koel 'a rain of spark' because her high-pitched notes that she sang caused fire. Her spark-shedding notes are such that the shades of mangoes burn.

5. What make a thousand memories in heart?


The high-pitched song of cuckoo makes thousand memories in poet's heart.

6. What happens with the shades of mangoes?


The shades of mangoes burn when the Koel sings her spark-shading song.

7. What burns her heart?


The green garden burns her heart.

8. Do you think that the Koel symbolises true love ?


Yes, the Koel symbolises true love. The fire of love has burnt its wings. Its high-pitched notes expresses its intense love for its beloved.

9. Which is your favourite bird ? Why do you like it for ?


A Koel is praised for his song. The bird is praised and welcomed as the darling of spring. It is a sweet singing bird which sings in spring. It is the darling of the spring. I have been hearing his song in the spring ever since my school days. The Koel's song reminds him of his memories. The Koel's song echoes through out the valley and seems to pass hill to hill.

10. What are the things around the Koel which seem to became dissatisfied?


The sight of mango-blossoms fires the koel. The green garden burns her heart. The roses, the wind, the water bodies around the place and the shade under the mango trees seem to became dissatisfied.

11. Why is the Koel praised ? How do you feel when you hear its voice ?


My favourite bird is parrot. Its light green colour with a red label on the neck, its melodious voice and beautiful look with long tail attracts us. It very quickly tricks up friendship with the children of the house. It is a loving bird,

12. What does the flaming soul of the Koel ask?


The flaming soul of the Koel asks, "mango trees where her beloved is.

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