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Martha - Walter de la Mare Questions Answers

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Important Questions for Martha

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Walter de la Mare

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Book Name

Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for Martha by Walter de la Mare

1. How do they sit to listen to Martha's story?


They sit their elbows lolled and listened the story with staring look.

2. What is the colour of Martha's eyes?


The colour of Martha's eyes is clear grey.

3. Who are staring at ease?


The listeners as represented by the poet himself (who says 'we') are staring ease.

Or, Children are used to gaze on her with wonder at ease.

4. Describe the gesture and posture of Martha’s telling her stories.


Martha was well versed in telling her stories. When she narrated her stories, she would sit with her slim hands clasped round her bent knees. From the beginning of the story she tells her stories “once.......once upon a time.......".

5. What happened to Martha's beauty at the end ?


At the end, Martha's beauty is stolen by fairies and gnomes. Her beauty is fading and is going away. Gradually, it is being forgotten by all who once praised it.

6. Describe Martha's physical features.


Martha was an old lady. Her eyes were clear and grey. Her two hands were slim. Her chin is narrow and grave small lovely head. During telling her stories she would sit with her two slim hands, clasped round her bended knees. Her expression presents a mysterious scene in the valley.

7. Explain the mood of the poet when he says, “our hearts stood still in the bush of an age gone by”.


The line ‘our hearts stood still in the bush of an gone by' reflects the poets mood. The effect of Martha's faire was magical. The poet was calm and forgetful. He forgot his surroundings and felt as if he were in a dreamland.

8. What does Martha do in the hazel glen?


Martha was a story teller. She usually tells her stories in the Hazel glean. She made the atmosphere of Hazel glen fully alive and lively.

9. How did Martha start telling her stories ?


Martha started telling her stories with these words "Once....... once upon a time........". When Martha narrated her stories she would sit with slim hands clasped round her bent knees.

10. Is this poem like a dream ? How can you say that?


No, the poem is not like a dream. But its effect is like a dream. Children lost all consciousness, except her stories. The children seemed to have been transported to that distant past and vision of the wonderful land of fairies and gnomes. Her story telling style creates a mystic scene as if all things were happening in a dream.

11. How would Martha sit when she narrated her stories?


When Martha narrated her stories, she would sit with slim hands clasped round her bent knees.

12. Do you think Martha and the children enjoyed the stories ?


I think that Martha and the children enjoyed the stories. Martha told her stories in an enchanting manner. Her beautiful eyes and soft voices conveyed half the meaning of her sto children were lost in the dreamland of Martha's stories.

13. How were half of the stories said ?


Her voice and gesture her chin and her g head conveyed half the effect of the story which she was

14. What types of stories did Martha tell?


Martha told stories of fairies and gnomes long time ago. In Martha's stories, the fairies and go around under the trees in a leaf-green light.

15. What was the effect of Martha's story on the children?


When Martha told her stories, the children were so much enchanted by her eyes and voice that they forgot the real world. They were lost in the world of Martha's stories. The children forgot their own surroundings and they were transported to an age long gone by.

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