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Ode on Solitude - Alexander Pope Questions Answers

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Important Questions for Ode on Solitude

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Alexander Pope

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for Ode on Solitude by Alexander Pope

1. What is an ode?


The ode is a lyrical poem in the form of an address to a person or an object. It is dignified in subject, tone and style. It deals with a noble theme.

2. What is a metaphor? Give an example.


Metaphor is figure of speech in which an implicit comparison is made between two different things. Example: 'Hurt' is such a strange polythene bag.

3. Form whom do they get attire in “Ode on Solitude"?


They get attire from his flocks.

4. What are the features of a happy life?


The main feature of a happy life is contentment with whatever are has it is through this contentment that one enjoys peace of mind, good health and sound sleep. Such men do not run after material things since they have limited desires.

5. What is the secret of the happily life?


The secret of a happy life is; a life of peace and contentment.

6. What does the poet wish for after death?


The poet wishes that nobody should express sorrow after death. He does not want a tombstone at the place where he will be buried after his death.

7. What does he do to satisfy his ambition?


In order to satisfy his ambition he spends his leisure in study, rest, sweet recreation and meditation.

8. What does the Poet want to live and die stealthily? Why?


The poet wants to live and die stealthily because he wants to live unseen and unknown. This life can give him happiness and peace of mind. He wants to die quietly so that no one can express sorrow after his death.

9. What pleases a happy man most?


A Happy man spends his leisure in sweet recreation but meditation pleases him most.

10. How many of you want to be happy? What constitutes happiness?


Every of us wants to be happy. Happiness comes from satisfaction. So satisfaction alone constitutes happiness.

11. What is Pope's idea of a happy man in the poem 'Ode on Solitude'?


According to the poet, the man who is satisfied with a few acres of land inherited from his forefather is happy. He lives in his nature land. He had limited desires.

12. Who is blessed man?


A blessed man is one who has no cares and anxieties. His days pass on smoothly. He enjoys physical health and peace of mind.

13. How does the poet want to die?


The poet wants to die quietly. He wishes that no body should express sorrow after his death. He does not want to milestone at the place where he is buried after his death.

14. In the Poem, "Ode on Solitude how do trees help the poet?


Trees are very useful. They help the poet by giving him shade in summer. In winter, woods of the trees are burnt by him to get warmth and protect himself from the chilly cold.

15. How does a happy man spend his time?


A happy man spends his day time studying books a sound sleep at night, sweet recreation.

16. What do you mean by ‘Slide soft away'?


Slide soft away means the passing of time without any toil and trouble.

17. The poet thinks that those who are contented with what they have are happy men. Do you agree? Give reasons.


Yes, I agree with the poet. A man can be happy if he is satisfied with whatever he has got. He has a sound sleep at night. He prefers live in the midst of nature to enjoy the pleasure. A contented man remains free from cares and anxieties. He has a peace of mind. He wants to live a life of solitude. He also wants away from the dim and bustle of life. So the life of contented people is happy.

18. What is meant by "A few paternal acres bound”?


"A few paternal acres bound” means all the cares and anxieties of the happy man are bound to small piece of land inherited from his father.

19. Why does the poet want live unseen and unknown?


The poet wants to live unseen and unknown because he thinks that solitary life can give him happiness and peace of mind. He wants his life to be smooth and undisturbed. He wants to enjoy sound health and sound sleep.

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