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God made the Country - William Cowper Questions Answers

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Important Questions for God made the Country

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William Cowper

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for God made the Country by William Cowper

1. Why does the poet believe that God made the country ?


The poet believes that God made the country because the country side is full of natural beauty, trees and birds. Life is simple and peaceful.

2. What is the source of light in villages in the evening according to the peom "God Made the Country'?


According to the poem 'God made the country' the source of light in the villages in evening in moonbeam.

3. What are the birds scared of?


The birds are scared of the din and bustle of life in town. They can sing sweet songs in a natural surroundings.

4. What makes our life happy-money or contentment or both ? Discuss.


Money is a material thing. It constitute a part of our happiness. But those who are content with what they have are by man. Such men enjoy peace of mind, good health and sound sleep. They are free from cares and anxieties. On the whole it is Contentment which gives a real contentment.

5. Where do you find health and virtue?


We find health and virtue in the countryside where there are fields and groves. This means they are found among the people who live in the villages.

6. What is better, Town life or country life?


Country life is better than town life. William Cowper believes that God made the country. It is because the countryside is full of natural beauty, trees and birds life in the countryside is simple and peaceful.

7. Why does the poet believe that man made the town?


The poet believes that man made town because the town possess everything artificial. He built shops, hotels, markets, cinema halls, gramophone, vehicles etc. So, the poet believes that the town has been the creation of man.

8. What are the village people like?


The village people like bounties of nature, fresh air, peace, free from pollution and noise. They also want to enjoy pleasure of life.

9. What are the features of a happy life?


Happiness in life does not depend on material wealth. A happy man has limited desires. He lives in his native place. He enjoys health of body, peace of mind and sound sleep.

10. What things cause annoyance to you in town.


I belong to a town. The moving crowd and the sound of vehicles running on the road causes a lot of annoyance to me.

11. Which natural scenes and objects attract you most in the village ?


There are open air and sunlight in my village. There are many green fields and groves with shady trees. The birds of the tree produce sweet notes. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available there in plenty.

12. What are some of the things that the poet dislikes in town life?


The Poet finds the people of the town idle. They do not Work hard. Thus harmful thoughts come to their minds. They do not enjoy natural scenery. The lights are too bright and the songs are too harsh in the town.

13. Who provides music to villagers, according to the poem "God Made the country'?


The birds provide music to villagers. They sing and Spread their music all around.

14. What function do groves perform in a village?


Groves perform a number of functions in a village. In the village the farmers and labourers labour hard in the fields in scorching rays or the sun till noon. So the groves give them shelter. Rest and peace under the shades of their trees. Groves make our environment pollution free. We are able to hear bird’s song. Our whole life depends upon groves.

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