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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for January Night by Premchand

1. Give the main idea of the story ‘January Night'.


The story teaches us different aspects of life. There are a number of things which can be learnt from the story Despite his hard labour, Halku fails to get rid of the debts that he has to pay off to the landlord. In doing so he fails even to buy a blanket to pass the biting cold of January night. The severity of the cold cause by the gust of wind at night does not allow Halku to go on his field to drive away the nilgais. In this way Halku is surrounded with problems all around him always. He never gives up lives happily.

2. Sketch the character of Munni from January Night.


Munni was the wife of Halku, a poor tenant farmer. Her husband could not save enough money for food and clothes after paying rent to the landlord.

Munni was a practical and bold woman. She knew that it was very difficult for her husband to sleep in his field without a blanket in cold winter nights. So, she did not want to pay the money, she had saved for a blanket, to the landlord.

Munni advised her husband to give up tenant farming because the work was killing him. If he worked as a hired labourer, he would get enough food to eat. Munni was certainly wiser than her husband.

3. Sketch the character of Halku.


Halku is the hero of the lesson January Night''. He was a tenant farmer. He was surrounded in a debt trap. But he lived happily and faced all his problems very boldly and never gives up. He had saved three rupees for a blanket but he had to give the money to the landlord. He was compelled to sleep in his field without a blanket in the freezing January night. Halku was very fond of his pet dog.

4. Why did Halku need a blanket?


Halku slept in the fields at night to look after the crops. He needed a blanket protect himself from the cold.

5. What did Halku do to save himself from shivering cold in January Night'?


Halku was unable to bear the biting cold in the field at night. So, he went to the nearby orchard and gathered dry leaves. He warmed himself by burning leaves.

6. Why did Halku decide to pay off the landlord with the money he had saved up for the blanket?


Halku was a poor tenant farmer. His poverty made him sad and angry. He was irresponsible. He paid the landlord with the money saved up for the blanket. Halku did not want to be abused and insulted by his landlord for not paying the rent.

7. Why was Halku pleased even after his crops were: destroyed? [B.M]


Halku was pleased even after his crops were destroyed because he would not have to spend his nights out in the cold. Now he was free from burden of guarding his crops at night.

8. Describe the role of Halku's wife in the story January Night".


Munni, Halku wife, a practical and bold lady. She wants her husband to be free from all worries and tensions. She knew that it was very difficult for her husband to sleep in his field without a blanket in cold winter nights. So, she did not want to pay the money she had saved for a blanket to the landlord. She also advises him to give up tenant farming and work as a hired labourer. Munni was certainly wise than her husband.

9. Give the summary of the Story "January night."


"January Night" has been written by great novelist Premchand. In this story the writer has described the friendship of men and animals and the poorness, Halku, a poor farmer has farmed his field on rent but has not blanket to protect from the cold January Night. He feels very cold during keeping watch the field in the cold night. He felt so cold that he fired some leaves and could not go to the field when some animals ruined his field and Jabra was barking. Thus this field was totally ruined by the animals.

10. Who was Munni? Why was she angry with Halku?


Munni was Halku's wife. She was angry with Halku because he was giving away the money she had saved for buying a blanket for him to the landlord as rent. She knew that Halku needed a blanket to protect himself in winter.

11. Elaborate the role of Jabra in the story ‘January Night.'

Or, Do animals have the ability to understand human feelings? Explain keeping in view the role of Jabra.


Jabra was Halku's pet dog. He always obeyed him and understood his feelings. In the night, even during winters, when Halku went to the fields, Jabra would accompany him. Jabra helped his master in protecting the crops from wild animals. When animals broke into Halku's field, Jabra tried his best to chase them away and awaken Halku. Halku talked to Jabra as if he were a human being and his friend. Jabra's character shows that animals have the ability to understand human feelings.

12. Why Halku could not sleep in the field at night? [BM] .


Halku could not sleep in the field at night because he was shivering with cold. He had wrapped himself with a shawl which could not protect him from the intense cold of January.

13. What made Halku happy in the cold January night?


Halku collected mango leaves and made a big fire under the mango trees. He was now warm. This made had so happy that he passed the time trying to jump over the fire and back again.

14. Why did Munni suggest Halku to give up tenant farming in January Night'?


Munni advised her husband to give up tenant farming because whatever he earned was paid to the landlord. She told him that he would get enough food if he worked as a hired labourer.

15. How were Halku's crop destroyed ?


When Halku was warming himself in the orchard by burning leaves, some wild animals got into his field to eat the crops. His pet dog, Jabra could not drive them away, so, his crops were destroyed.

16. Suppose you are Munni. The landlord comes to your house and asks you to pay the rent. What will you do then?


I shall tell the landlord that my husband cannot pay the rent right now. I shall promise that he will pay him after the harvest. I shall try to convince him that my husband does not have any money at present.

17. How many characters are there in the story ‘January Night'? List then.


There are three characters in the story January Night.

(a) Halku, a poor tenant farmer

(b) Munni his wife

(c) Jabra his pet dog.

18. What did Munni tell Halku when he woke in the morning?


When Halku woke in the morning Munni told him that while he had been sleeping comfortably, the crops in his field had been completely ruined.

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