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The Empty Heart - Periasamy Thooran Questions Answers

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Important Questions for The Empty Heart

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Periasamy Thooran

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for The Empty Heart by Periasamy Thooran

1. Why was the man not content, all though he was rich?


The Poem relates to the description of a rich but greedy man. He is not content with his wealth. He wants to add more money and gold to his wealth. He spends his whole life in order to expand his assets. So he was not content.

2. What does 'Silver pitcher symbolise in the poem?


The Silver pitcher' in the poem symbolises wealth Which should have been more than enough to fill the man's heart with happiness and contentment.

3. Contentment is the style of life. Discuss in the light of poem.


Contentment is the real wealth of human being. In the poem, the man was given a lot of wealth by the tree yet he was not content. He worked so hard day and night that he died. If he had been content, he would have been happy. Thus, this poem teaches us that contentment is the style of life.

4. What is your opinion about a greedy man?


In my opinion a greedy man is never satisfied. He always remains discontented. He always thinks for adding more wealth to his assets.

5. When was the gift given by the tree?


He prayed to a wish-yielding tree, 'Kalpaka' morning, noon and evening and then the gift was given by the tree.

6. What was the gift given by the wish-yielding tree?


The wish-yielding tree gave the rich man seven silver pitchers which were filled with gold coins.

7. Why was he given seven pots ?


He was given seven pots so that his greed may be satisfied and quenched. or on the basis of his prayer.

8. When/why did the man want one pot of gold ?


In his prayer the man wanted one pot of gold when he was not contended with his wealth and wanted to add more money and gold to his assets.

9. What did the man lose while trying to fill the half - filled pitches in "The Empty Heart?


In the poem "Empty Heart' the man worked hard neglected his health. So, he died before he could fill the half filled pitchers.

10. What happened to the rich man?


In the poem "The Empty Heart”, the rich man worked hard and neglected his health. So, he died before he could fill the pot with gold coins. His insatiable greed killed him.

11. Explain the following lines :

"Nothing is wrong with a half filled purse;

'Tis the void in the heart that is the curse."


In these lines the poet says that the happiness in life does not depend on wealth. A wealthy man lead a miserable life if he is not kind-hearted. On the other hand, a large-hearted man may be happy even if he does not have much wealth.

12. What does he do to satisfy his ambition ? [2013A]


Due to his greed, he becomes mad and he sells his morality to satisfy his ambition. He is ready to do any wrong deeds to fulfill his ambition.

13. How are health and goodness useful to us?


It is useful for us to bear all the pains and difficulties in our life. We can not do any work if we are not physically fit.

14. What does the name "Kalpaka" evoke? What light does it throw on the character of the person?


“Kalpaka" is the name of a tree which fulfils our needs if we pray for something it. As such in the poem a rich but greedy person goes to "Kalpaka" tree. He prays for giving him a pot filled up with gold coins. His prayer was granted. He was given not only one but seven silver pots full of gold coins as gift. Thus the name “Kalpaka” is justified in the poem.

15. What was the reason of man’s death?


The man was rich but he was not contented with his wealth. He was desirous of adding more gold to his assets. To achieve this objective he laboured hard day and night. He did not care for his health and lost his vigour and strength. He became so much weak that one day he died. Thus, his unquenched desire had become the curse of his death.

16. Why did the poet pray to the wish-yielding tree?


The wish-yielding tree gave the rich man seven silver pitchers which were filled with gold coins.

17. What made the rich man in "The Empty Heart' mad?


In the poem 'The Empty Heart', the poet points out that excessive greed for material wealth leads to destruction.

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