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Allergy - Dr. Rana S.P. Singh Questions Answers

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Important Questions for Allergy

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Dr. Rana S.P. Singh

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for Allergy by Dr. Rana S.P. Singh

1. What is Allergy March'? Explain.


Allergy often appears as a benign condition. Many people have an allergic condition for many years before experiencing any symptoms such as eczema and asthama. However, for some people, a certain food or drug or insect bite can cause lite threatening symptoms. This direct path of development of an allergy is known as the allergy march.

2. What is allergy ?


Allergy is a malfunction of human immense system. If causes a violent reaction against normally harmless substances in our natural environment.

3. What is histamine?


Histamine is a naturally occurring chemical substance in the tissue of the human body. It is a powerful stimulant of gastric secretion.

4. How can asthma be treated ?


Asthma can be treated by the administration of antihistamines and inhalation of steroids. Inhaled steroids are very effective, but over treatment may have serious side-effects.

5. Name some particular diseases which are caused due to change of weather?


Hay fever and seasonal allergic rhinitis is caused due to change in weather. Tree pollen occurs predominantly in April to May, grass pollen in May to June and ragweed pollen in August to October. Outdoor mold sores occur in soil, water and rotting matter and are released into the air when lawns are disturbed by moving over long periods and are most prominent from July through November.

6. Suggest a possible way to avoid allergy ?


A few possible ways to avoid allergy are :

  1. Wear a pollen mask when moving the grass or house cleaning
  2. Stay indoors in the morning (when the pollen count is at its highest) and on windy days.
  3. Read and understand food labels (for people with food allergy)
  4. keep windows and doors closed during heavy pollination reasons.

7. Which type of common allergic disease are generally found in children of 0-6 years of age?


Genetic and environmental factors are responsible for allergic disease generally found in children of 0-6 years of They become victim of the allergic disease causing a number disease (cough, cool, loose motion, hay fever etc.) done to it

8. Can allergic reactions be life threatening? Name a few of such instances of allergy.


Yes, some of the allergic reactions are life threatening.

For example a certain food or drug or ordinary insect bite can result in sudden life threatening.

9. How can allergy be treated ?


Allergy is a mal function of the human immune system causing a violent reaction against normally harmless substance in our natural surroundings or environment.

Allergic diseases can be treated by avoidance of the allergen medication to relieve symptoms and allergy shots. Hence, at first we must avoid allergens. Thereafter, we should take medicines as prescribed by the doctor.

10. What are allergens ?


Allergens are substances which are capable of producing allergy. They are found in our natural environment. Pollens, mold spores, house-dust mites, animals dander and cockroaches are allergens.

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