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Little Girls wiser than Man - Leo Tolstoy Questions Answers

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Leo Tolstoy

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for Little Girls wiser than Man by Leo Tolstoy

1. Why did Akoulya shout at Malasha?
Or, How was Akoulya mother angry ?


Akoulya shouted at Malasha because she had splashed dirty water on her frock, eyes and nose. She was angry when she saw stains on her new frock. She ran after Malasha to strike her.

2. Why does the writer call the two little girls “Dear little souls" ?


The writer calls the two little girls "dear little souls'' for their simplicity of her. They no doubt picked up the quarrel. But they did not show any malice towards each other. They very soon forgot their quarrel and got engaged in the play. They once again laughed together forgetting all their differences.

3. What happened when Malasha's mother came out after hearing her howl ?


When Akoulya's mother struck Malasha on the back of her neck, the later began to howl. Malasha's mother came out after hearing her howl. She asked Akoulya's mother angrily why she was beating her daughter. She began scolding her neighbour and they had angry quarrel.

4. Where do the two little girls meet in the story of Leo Tolstoy?


The two little girls meet in a lane between two homesteads in the story of Leo Tolstoy where the dirty water running through the farmyards.

5. Why did they step into the puddle? What made them fight ?


The two girls were young children and were rejoicing in the festival of Easter. Water running through the farmyard had formed a large puddle. Soon the fancy took them to splash about in the water and smaller one stepped into the puddle. Seeing puddle they thought of time fun and came near it to splash and enjoy.

The fight started when Malasha plumped down her foot and the water splashed right into Akoulaya's frock. She was angry and ran after Malasha to strike her. Such a situation made them fight.

6. What advice did Akoulya offer ?


She said her not to go in as her mother would scold her and to open her shoes and stockings.

7. What lesson do you learn from the story, ‘Little Girls Wiser Than Men'.


Leo Tolstoy had written a story, 'Little Girls Wiser Than Men.' This story teaches us an importance of moral lesson. Thin story narrators how two girls quarrel over a small issue. Akoulya is angry when Malasha throws dirty water on her new frock. This trivial incident leads to an angry quarrel between their mothers Malasha and Akoulya forget all about quarrel in a few minutes. While their mothers and neighbours are quarrelling, the two girls are friendly once again.

8. In the story Little Girls wiser Than Men." Why did the old woman say to the crowd, "Are you not ashamed of yourselves" ?


The old woman saw that the little girls had forgotten fight and had started playing together. They were highly delighted while the men and women were fighting. So she said that they should be ashamed of yourselves.

9. What did the old woman mean by Is it right to behave so? On a day like this, too!"


The old woman meant to say that such quarrelling was quite unwise. It was the happy occasion of Easter. It was auspicious day so the dispute was very odd. On the day of festival such dispute should not be brought. Akoulya's grand mother tried to calm them by saying "Is it right to behave so ? On a day like this too!" Today is the day for rejoicing and not to commit such folly like this.

10. What did Akoulya do while the women were abusing each other?


When the women were abusing each other, Akoulya wiped the mud off her frock and went back to the puddle. She took a stone and began scraping away the earth in front of the puddle, She made a channel through which water could run out into the street.

11. Did the Old woman succeed in her effort ?


When Akoulya's mother and Malasha's mother were quarrelling, many men came out and a crowd collected in the stree They began quarrelling and shouting. Akoulya's grandmother stepped in among them and tired to calm them but she did not succeed in her effort.

12. Why were the two girls were dressed in new clothes and showing their finery to each other?


The two girls were dressed in new clothes and shows their impressive garments and jewellery to each other. It was Easter festival. It was a time of fun and merry making. So their moth dressed in new clothes. They had gone to the Church. happiness the two girls were showing their finery to each other.

13. Why did Akoulya's mother seized Malasha?


Akoulya's mother seized Malasha to ask her making Akoulya frock stained.

14. What did Akoulya and Malasha do when the adults started fighting?


When the men started fighting, the two girls channel through which the water of the puddle could run the street. The water from the channel ran towards the place the men were fighting, watching the clip of wood floating their stream, they came near them.

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