Chapter 6 Who I Am Class 6 English Summary

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Chapter 6 Who I Am Class 6 English Summary

Chapter 6 Who I Am Class 6 English Summary

Part I Many Voices

In this lesson we look at what we are like and how each of us is different. Each people is interesting in different ways and we are all good at different things. It is described through some boys and girls in this lesson.

• Radha - Radha likes to climbs trees. She usually sits on the branches of the mango tree outside her house. Even though her mother thinks that it is not sensible for girls to sit on trees, yet one day, she herself climbed a mango tree with Radha and ate raw mangoes with her. Radha feels on the top of the world when she sits on the tree.

• Nasir : Nasir has cotton fields in his village. His father buys new seeds to grow cotton plants every year. A long time ago, his grandfather used to gather the seeds from his own plants. Nasir's father spends money to buy new seeds every year. Nasir wants to be a seed hoarder in order to save money.

• Rohit - Rohit enjoys travelling. If he has a lot of money he would like to see the mountains of New Zealand, sail down the Amazon River and live on the beaches of Lakshadweep. He also wants to see the old city of Beijing, the Konark temple and the Pyramids in Egypt.

• Serbjit - Serbjit gets angry when his parents, teachers and other people don't believe in him even when he is telling the truth. This makes him irritated. He wants people to believe him and trust his word.

• Dolma - Dolma wants to become the Prime Minister of India. In school she is helpful and responsible. She is confident that her dream will come true. She wants to have better hospitals, roads and schools for everyone. She wants our country to have good scientists who can find cure for dangerous diseases and send a spaceship to Mars.

• Peter - Peter enjoys going to see a film on the second Sunday of every month with his family. His father buys them peanuts during the film and later they also get to eat ice-creams. He feels lucky to belong to such a happy family.

Part II Multiple Intelligences

Each one of us is good at something. The intelligence can be divided into six groups:

1. Visual intelligence - These people are very keen observers. They can be seen working as artists, engineers, inventors, designers, mechanics, etc.

2. Mathematical Intelligence - These people use reasoning and logic. They are likely to become scientists, engineers, computer programmers, researchers accountants and mathematicians.

3. Verbal Intelligence - These people use rich vocabulary and have good command over language. They are likely to become successful, poets, journalists, teachers, lawyers, politicians, etc.

4. Bodily Intelligence - These people can control and regulate their body skillfully. They are good at dancing, playing, acting etc.

5. Musical intelligence - These people are good at understanding rhythms. They can become
musicians, disc jockeys, singers, etc.

6. Interpersonal Intelligence - These people try to see things from other people's point of view in order to understand how they feel or think. They can become good counsellors, salespersons, politicians, advisors, business person, etc.

Word Meanings

• Sensible - intelligent
• Seed collector - one who collects seeds
• Trust - belief
• Invent - to create for the first time
• Cures - treatment
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