Chapter 7 Fair Play Class 6 English Summary

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Chapter 7 Fair Play Class 6 English Summary

Chapter 7 Fair Play Class 6 English Summary

Part I

Jumman Shaikh and Algu Chowdhry were very good friends. They looked after each other's family in the absence of either of them. Jumman's old aunt had some property which she had transferred to Jumman on the condition that she would stay with him and he would look after her well. After some time, Jumman's family got tired of her and Jumman too stopped showing concern. She was frequently insulted and then offered food, that too very little. She became aware that it was time to move out from Jumman's house. She told Jumman to give her monthly allowance so that she could set up a separate kitchen. When Jumman refused, she decided to take her case to the village panchayat. She went to the villagers seeking their support.

The old lady went to the villagers and told her situation. Some sympathised, some made fun of her while others told her to go to Jumman and compromise with him. Also, she went to Jumman's friend Algu Chowdhry and sought his help. But being a close friend of Jumman, he refused to take any action.

Part II

The panchayat was held the same evening under an old banyan tree. When asked to nominate a Panch, Jumman’s aunt named Algu which made Algu happy as he was confident judgement will be in his favour.  After cross-examining Jumman and his aunt, Algu came to the conclusion that Jumman's aunt must be given a monthly allowance or returned her property. Jumman was outraged over this decision and broke off his friendship and wanted to take revenge on Algu.

Part III

Jumman  soon got a chance. It so happened that Algu was in a difficult situation so he sold one of his bullocks to Samjhu Sahu who had promised to pay him the money after one month. Unfortunately, the bullock died before the date of payment and Sahu refused Algu to pay the money. After some time, Algu reminded Samjhu to pay him the due amount to which samjhu strictly refused. The matter was taken to the Panchayat and Samjhu skillfully nominated Jumman as the Panch head as he thought that Jumman would take revenge on Algu by giving judgement is his favour.

After Jumman was made the Panch, he realised the responsibility that come with the power given to him. He gave his honest decision keeping his personal feelings away. He gave judgement in favour of Algu. Algu was overwhelmed as he knew that God lives in the heart of Panch. Algu embraced his friend and wept whose tears washed away the misunderstanding between them.

Word Meanings

• Looked after - took care of
• Grudged - gave unwillingly
• Obvious - easy to notice
• Sympathized - having favourable feeling
• To make it up with - to have agreement with
• Nominate - appoint
• Abide - follow
• Cross-examined - questioned
• Seldom - rarely
• Wretched - useless
• Ruin - destruction
• Turned pale - becoming yellow with fear or discomfort
• Embrace - Hug
• Deviate - to go astray
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