Chapter 5 A Different Kind of School Class 6 English Summary

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Chapter 5 A Different Kind of School Class 6 English Summary

Chapter 5 A Different Kind of School Class 6 English Summary

The author had heard a lot about Miss Beam's school. He always wanted to go there to see how her school was different from other schools. The writer went to the school. As he entered the school, he saw a young girl whose eyes were covered with a bandage. She was being guided by a younger boy. The author then came to Miss Beam. 

She was middle-aged and authoritative. She told him that she taught boys and girls easy calculations and writing. She told the author that the real aim of her school was not to teach thoughts but thoughtfulness and kindness towards others. She told the author that in her school none of the children were blind, cripple or lame but as part of the school system each term every child had one blind day, one lame day, one deaf day, one dumb day and one injured day. This was done to make students understand misfortune, by making them share in misfortune too.

Miss Beam led the narrator to one blindfolded girl. The girl told him that she felt she was going to get smacked every moment. Being blind was most terrifying. She always had the fear of being hit by something. He said that the people who had experienced a blind day before, proved to be the best helpers for blinds.

The narrator and the girl walked and talked together. During the walk around the campus, blindfolded girl asked many questions from author such as about the dress, colour of hair, etc, to recognize
them. After the walk, the author had become ten times more thoughtful than before. He told Miss Beam that he was sad to leave her school.

Word meanings

• Bandage - strip of cotton cloth
• Authority - controlling power
• Plump - fat
• Thoughtfulness - power to think
• Folly - cheerful
• Crutches - supporters
• Cripple - handicap
• Appreciate - praise
• Peep - look secretly
• Misery - difficulties
• Awful - fearful
• Ghastly - horrible
• Hopping - jumping,
• Troublesome - problems
• Aches - pains
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