The Rebel Poem Class 7 English Summary

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The Rebel Poem Class 7 English Summary

The Rebel Poem Class 7 English Summary

The poet says that a rebel always does exactly the opposite of what others do and always disagrees with others. When every body keeps short and uniform hair, the rebel knowingly grows his hair long. When the rest of the society grows long hair, the rebel cuts his hair short. He does so to look different from others and goes against the custom and tradition of the society.

When every member of the society talks during a meeting, the rebel keeps silent and when nobody talks, the rebel creates disturbance by talking loudly. If all wears uniform, he will be in casual clothes, and if all dress casual, he will pose to be simple. If all show a liking for dogs, a rebel will love a cat and if people are cat lovers, he will just praise dogs.

If people require the sunlight and praise the sun the rebel says that the sun is not required and there is need for rain. When everybody of the society welcomes and requires rain, the rebel feels sorry for the absence of the sun. When every members of the society goes to some gathering and attends the meeting, the rebel stays at home and keeps himself busy by reading a book indoors. When everybody of the society stays at home and reads a book, the rebel will go to some urgent meeting.

When every person asks for something, the rebel rejects the same with thanks and when everybody in the society does not want something and says thanks the rebel requires that thing and asks for it. The poet concludes that it is very good that we have social rebels in the society but it is not good to become a social rebel.

Word Meanings

• Soberly - in a simple manner
• Preference - A liking for
• Rebel - A person who goes against established rules
• Uniform - Prescribed dress
• Praising - Speaking nicely about
• Greet - Welcome
• Regrets - Feels sorry
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