The Shed Poem Class 7 English Summary

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The Shed Poem Class 7 English Summary

The Shed Poem Class 7 English Summary

A shed is usually a small room, away from the main house. The poet tells us about an old shed at the bottom of their garden. A spider's web hangs across its door. The hinges of the door are very old and make noise. He has never gone in that shed and does not know what is there inside it but he wants to go there one day. The old window of the shed has cracked panes of glass. The poet often feels that someone inside the shed is staring at him. The poet feels that one day he would peep through the window.

The poet's brother told him that there is a ghost inside the shed who hides under the rotten floorboards. And if the poet ever went in, he would jump and chop off his head. Bu still the poet feels that one day he would peep inside. He also doubts her brother statement and feels that his brother tells him lie just to keep him away from the shed. He thinks that his brother has kept the shed as his secret den.

He says that nobody is looking out of the window and nobody is making noise. Even the spider
has gone away from the web. However, he feels that he is not yet ready for it.

Word Meanings

• Panes - A sheet of glass
• Peep - Peek
• Rotten - In a state of decay
• Rusty - Old and covered in rust
• Creak - Make a sharp sound
• Den - A place to hide
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