The Squirrel Poem Class 7 English Summary

The Squirrel Poem Class 7 English Summary will useful in getting a solid understanding of the important points embedded in the chapter. In Revision notes for Class 7, information are arranged in manner that will make learning easier and more understandable. You will understand the various factors through which one can improve their efficiency and eventually scores higher in the exam. NCERT Solutions for The Squirrel Poem English will help the students to recall information with more precision and faster.

The Squirrel Poem Class 7 English Summary

The Squirrel Poem Class 7 English Summary

In this poem describes a squirrel that the poet once saw. The small creature was covered in gray fur, was sitting on a tree branch in an upright position to eat a nut. His tail is twisted like a question mark. Whenever anyone ran around the tree, it would run to the other side of the tree. This shows the activeness and innocence of squirrel.

Word Meanings

• Overcoat - A long warm coat
• Tease - To make fun of
• Interrogation - Question
• Other way - Opposite direction
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