Chapter 6 I Want Something in a Cage Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 6 I Want Something in a Cage Class 7 Summary English will ensure that remembering and retaining the syllabus more easy and efficient. These NCERT Class 7 notes will be make sure that a student has understood the specifics of every chapter in clear and precise manner. NCERT Solutions for Chapter 6 I Want Something in a Cage English will be helpful in completing homework on time. It will be quite helpful in making learning process and effortless and more effective.

Chapter 6 I Want Something in a Cage Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 6 I Want Something in a Cage Class 7 English Summary

Mr. Purcell owned a pet shop. He was a small man. He had red cheeks and a tight, melon stomach. He wore large glasses. His eyes looked big through them. He had the appearance of a wise and jovial owl. He sold almost all kinds of pets and also dealt in fish food and bird seed, prescribed remedies for ailing canaries. His shop was full of noise and chaos because of all the animals making different sorts of sounds. Each morning, Mr. Purcell would perch on a high stool, behind the counter, unfold his morning paper. He would read the entire paper in detail.

One rough wintry day, he was sitting on his stool and reading his morning paper as usual, amidst all the noise of the animals without getting disturbed or even noticing the noise at all. A strange customer entered his shop, Mr. Purcell greeted him but he ignored Mr. Purcell and gazed around the shop. This customer not only behaved differently but also looked different as well. The man had short hair cut and was wearing a cheap suit that did not fit him well.

He said he wanted something in a cage. He pointed to a cage with two white doves and Purcell demanded five dollars and fifty cents. The man was sad because he wanted those birds but he had only five dollars. Purcell agreed and handed over the cage to him. The man told that he had gained those five dollars after ten years of hard labour in the prison at the rate of fifty cents a year. Mr Purcell wanted to say something more. But the stranger was not interested. He went out with the cage and set the doves free one by one. After that he dropped the cage and walked away. This strange action of his strange customer left Mr. Purcell feeling vaguely insulted.

Word Meanings

• Twittering - Chirping
• Lingered - Moved here and there
• Musty - Smell of old buildings
• Genial - Cheerful
• Rustling - Soft sound
• Squeals - High sustained cry
• Frantic - Wild with excitement
• Bewildered - Confused
• Brisk - Active
• Emphatic - Important
• Proprietor - Owner
• Smirk - Smile in an unfamiliar way
• Monotonous - Unchanging, dull
• Perplexity - Confusion
• Vaguely - Indistinctly
• Insane - Mad
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