Chapter 5 Golu Grows a Nose Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 5 Golu Grows a Nose Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 5 Golu Grows a Nose Class 7 English Summary

Long, long ago the elephant had no trunk. There was an elephant named, Golu who has only had a bulgy nose. He could only move it from side to side but could not use it to pick up things. Golu was in the habit of asking many curious questions to his aunts and uncles like "Why Ostriches don't fly"? "What makes a giraffe's skin so spotty?". Thus, everybody thought him to be very naughty.

One day Golu asked a mynah bird what does a crocodile eats for dinner. The mynah sent him to the Limpopo river to find out the answer by himself. Golu took a lot of things to eat on the way and started his journey. On his way, he met a python and asked him about the crocodile. The python did not answer. Golu went on and reached Limpopo river. He asked a crocodile if he had seen a crocodile. The crocodile called him near and then told him that he was in fact a crocodile. Then Golu asked what he had for dinner. The crocodile asked him to come nearer and then caught Golu by his nose  and told him that he would eat the Elephant that day.

Golu tried to free himself from the crocodile's grip but could not. The python had been following him. He advised Golu to pull as hard as he could. There was a tug of war between Golu and the crocodile. The python also helped Golu by coiling himself around him. Golu pulled his nose by all his strength and his nose kept stretching and growing longer. His nose became five feet long when Golu was free at last.

His nose grew cool in two days but it did not shrink. At the end of the second day, a fly stung Golu on the shoulder. Golu lifted his long nose (trunk) and with it, hit the fly dead. The python said that his long nose was an advantage for him. Golu plucked a large bundle of grass with his trunk, dusted it against his forelegs and put it into his mouth. The python said it to be the second advantage of his trunk. He asked Golu that if he didn't feel that sun was hot. Golu scooped up some mud from the bank and slapped it on his head. The python said that it was the third advantage of Golu's long nose. Golu was grateful to the python for making him realize the advantages of his long nose. Golu was now satisfied with his long nose and he went back to his family.

Word Meanings

• Bulgy - Irregular swelling
• Wiggle - Moving from side to side
• Wink - Close and open one eye quickly
• Snout - Projecting nose
• Haunches - Hips
• Pluck - Pulling sharply
• Stuffed - Ate excessively
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