Chapter 7 Chandni Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 7 Chandni Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 7 Chandni Class 7 English Summary

This story is about an old man called Abbu Khan lived alone in Almora. He kept goats as pets and gave them funny names like Kalua, Moongia or Gujri. He took care of his goats like his children.Goats love freedom, so, most of the times one of Abbu Khan's goats would break the string and go up to the hills. However, their attempt for freedom would cost them their lives. They would be eaten by the wolf who lived in the hills.

One day, when Abbu Khan was left with no goat he decided not to have any more goats as pets. However, because of his loneliness he decided to buy a goat again. He bought a young goat. White as snow with red eyes, this goat was named Chandni. Abbu loved her and fed her well. He also narrated her stories of his old goats. But as Chandni grew old, she also started dreaming of beautiful hills and green fields. She would run towards the hill but the rope around her neck would not let her move further away. She started to hate the rope. She stopped eating the grass that Abbu Khan gave her and grew very weak.

When Abbu Khan asked the reason, she told him that she wanted to go to the hills. He told here about wolf and also about her sister Kalua who was the size of a deer, yet could not save herself from the wolf but Chandni didn't listen and still wanted to go there. This made Abbu Khan very angry and he shut her in small hut. But, he forgot to close the window of the hut. Chandni, later that night escaped through that window and reached the hills. She loved the green grass and the open air of the hills. She played on the grassy hills for hours. She was enjoying her newly found freedom a lot.

Soon the night came and the wolf appeared from the bushes. She still did not run back to the safety of Abbu Khan's hut and decided to fight the wolf with her horns. She fought bravely till the morning, but then died. A bird sitting on the top of the tree thought that the wolf had won the battle A bird sitting on the top of the tree thought that the wolf had won the battle abut a wise old bird declared that Chandni was in fact a winner.

Word Meanings

• Breed - Kind or variety of an animal
• Unfortunate - Unlucky
• Hardship - Difficulties
• Mystery - Something hidden
• Gleaming - Shining
• Temperament - Natural behaviour
• Obstinate - Stubborn
• Embrace - Accept
• Amuse - Make time pass pleasantly
• Devour - Eat greedily
• Assembly - Group of persons
• Treacherous - Unreliable
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