Chapter 8 A Game of Chance Class 6 English Summary

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Chapter 8 A Game of Chance Class 6 English Summary

Chapter 8 A Game of Chance Class 6 English Summary

A fair was held on the occasion of Eid every year in the village of the narrator, Rasheed. The traders from far and wide came to sell their goods in the fair. Rasheed too went to the fair along with his uncle and their domestic help, Bhaiya. By chance, uncle met some of his friends in the fair, who took him with them. Before leaving he warned the narrator to not buy anything in his absence.

Rasheed along with Bhaiya went to many shops at the fair. Then they reached a shop named Lucky Shop. The shopkeeper was a middle-aged man. He was calling the visitors to play the game of chance. An old man played the game and won a lovely clock but he had no use of it so he gave it back to the shopkeeper and got 15 rupees. Later on, a boy tried his luck and won many articles like fountain pen, wrist watch etc. He also returned those articles and got a lot of cash in place of those articles. Rasheed too tried his luck and won petty things like pencils, ink bottle etc and lost all his money.

Then, they went to the place where uncle had left them.  Uncle came, looked at Rasheed and asked him why he looked upset. Bhaiya told him and Uncle was neither angry nor sad. Then, he bought him many beautiful gifts. Back home, Uncle explained to Rasheed that neither he was unlucky nor it was his bad day. The owner of the shop along with his friends had played tricks to tempt him to try his luck. They wanted his money and they got it. Uncle advised Rasheed to forget about the incident.

Word meanings

• Tradesmen - shopkeepers or people who have goods to sell
• Discs - small plates
• Obliged - favoured
• Trifle - small,
• Patted - thumped gently
• Tempt - attract
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