Chapter 2 Bringing up Kari Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 2 Bringing up Kari Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 2 Bringing up Kari Class 7 English Summary

Kari was a five-month-old baby elephant. He lived and grew up with his nine-year-old keeper, the author. Growing together, the author never realized how tall Kari was. Kari lived under a thatched roof with thick tree trumps which made strong pillars of a pavilion. Kari loved bathing in the river in the morning. He did not eat much, only about forty pounds of twigs a day. Kari liked the young branches of the Banyan tree apart from the tender twigs and saplings.

One day, while collecting twigs for Kari, the author suddenly heard Kari calling to him in the distance. The author, thinking that somebody was hurting him, ran very fast to the place where he had left Kari. Kari pulled the author into the water. The author saw a boy at the bottom of the river. Finally, after a little struggle they both managed to save the boy's life.

Kari was trained for being good and was scolded whenever he was naughty. Once he was given some ripe bananas by someone and he started liking them. After that he started stealing bananas from the dining table. The author was blamed for having stolen them. But one day the author saw Kari picking up the bananas. The author pulled him by the ear and told him that he would be whipped if he ever steals. Kari was a proud animal and was offended by this so much that he never repeated the
his he ate bananas only when he was given by somebody.

Though he was a quick learner and learnt the command 'Mali' (a signal to walk) in three lessons, it took him to learn another command 'Dhat' ( a signal to sit) in three weeks. The most difficult thing to teach an elephant is the 'Master Call'. It generally takes an elephant five years to learn the 'master call'. The 'master call' is a howling and hissing sound that the master makes in the elephant's ear. A trained elephant understands this and starts making a road through the jungle.

Once the elephant hear this sound, he pulls down the tree in front of him with his trunk. This frightens all the animals away. Then the elephant pulls down the next tree and the next, and the next. Soon you will find that he has made a road right through the jungle straight to your house.

Word meanings

• Keeper - One who keeps
• Twigs - Branch
• Tiptoe - Tip of the toe
• Thatched - Made up of straws
• Ebony - A kind of black wood
• Squeal - Cry
• Hatchet saw - Small axe
• Luscious - Juicy
• Mutilated - Destroyed
• Saplings - Tiny plants
• Cathedral - Tube
• Trumpet - Cry of an elephant
• Ponderous - Thoughtful
• Lasso - Noose
• Sneak  -  Enter  without  noise
• Strewn - Scattered
• Whipped - Strike with stick
• Squealed - Cried
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