Chapter 1 The Tiny Teacher Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 1 The Tiny Teacher Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 1 The Tiny Teacher Class 7 Summary English

The chapter is about one of the smallest creatures the ant. They are the wisest of all insects. They are very intelligent and hardworking. The ants perform their duties in the form of learners, nurses, workers, soldiers and trainers. Ants use their feelers or antennae to talk to each other. They give message to the other ants coming from the opposite direction by touching their feelers.

The black and the red ones are the commonest kinds of ants. The ants live in their comfortable homes just below the surface of the soil. These homes are called nests or anthills. Each home has hundreds of little rooms and passages. Some rooms are used by the queen to lay eggs while others are used as nurseries for the young ones called grubs. Workers have their fixed quarters and spend most of their time searching for food.. They spend most of their time searching for food. Some rooms are used as storehouses for the food. Soldiers have separate barracks. Ants never fight with other members of the group. Thus an ant's life is very peaceful.

The queen ant is the mother of a colony of ants. It lives for about fifteen years. It has a pair of wings which it bites off after its wedding flight. The queen ant's flight takes place on a hot summer day. The queen leaves the nest and goes out to meet a male ant or drone. The meeting takes place high up in the air. On its return to the ground, it gets rid of its wings after which it does nothing except lay eggs. Eggs hatch and become grubs. Grubs change into cocoons and cocoons break to bring forth complete ants. All this takes five to six weeks.

New ants learn their duties from old ants. They learn to work as workers, soldiers, builders, cleaners, etc. After the training is over, the small ants get busy in their jobs. There are certain other creatures like beetles, lesser breeds of ants and the greenflies that live in anthills due to several reasons like some give sweet juices, some give off smell that is pleasant to the ants' senses and some are just pets as humans do have cats and dogs. The greenfly is the ants' cow. Ants milk it just as humans milk the cow.

There is so much for us to learn from these tiny teachers like, hard work, their sense of duty and responsibility, cleanliness, care for the young ones, and above all, a firm loyalty to the land where they live without fighting amongst each other.

Word Meanings

• Unbelievably - Cannot be believed
• Ant hill – Ant house
• Feeler – Touch organs
• Grubs – Young ones
• Barracks – Living place for soldiers
• Caste off – Shed
• Bring forth – Present
• Seldom – Sometimes
• Bite them off – Remove them 
• Drone – Big ant
• Hatch – To breed
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