Chapter 3 The Desert Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 3 The Desert Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 3 The Desert Class 7 English Summary

A place without water and vegetation is generally called a desert. It is popularly believed that it is an area of endless sand with no greenery, an area which is dry, hot and without shade. But this is not entirely correct because it can be a beautiful place which is a home to many people, animals and plants that have
learnt to live under very hot and dry conditions.

There is no green grass or trees but when it rains, the desert flowers bloom and offer a beautiful scene. Deserts also have mountains and hills. They have oasis which is a green patch with a spring or well. Desert may be hot like Thar or cold like Ladakh.  Those places which have little water and vegetation are called desert.

In deserts, strong winds carry away sand and deposit them as mounds called sand dunes. Desert plants and animals learn to survive with less water. For example, camel, also known as the ‘ship of the desert', can drink a lot of water at one time. Camels sweat very little and so they can do without water for many days. Even small desert plants can store water in their thick stems like that of cactus. They can even absorb water from light rains.

Deserts are hot during day and very cool at night because there is no moisture in the air to act as a blanket upon earth's surface. Deserts are an important part of nature’s great plan. They are also like an important place in nature like forests and deep ocean.

Word Meanings

• Patch - piece
• Bloom - Flourish
• Wasteland - Useless land
• Oasis - Green patch in the midst of desert
• Island - Piece of land surrounded by water from all side
• Heaps - Mounds
• Borrow - Going underground
• Variations - Changes
• Dense - Thick
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