Precautions for Coronavirus to save yourself from Infected Person: Quarantine Steps

Quarantine yourself in a room

• Do all your activities in one room limited. It is better to have a washroom attached to the room. Also ensure that no one else should use it.

• Always wear surgical mask, change it in 6-8 hours. Do not reuse this mask, consider it also infected. Mask should be of good quality.

One man help

• The same person of the house will always provide the necessary things to the person living separately. Keep a distance of 1-3 meters while going to the room of infected person.

• The person going to the room should always wear masks and gloves. Do not come in contact with the infected person, wash hands thoroughly after removing the gloves.

Instructions for other family members

• Pregnant women, children, elderly and for any other reason, people should keep more and more distance from the room. Do not come in contact with the infected.

• As often as possible, clean your hands with soap, handwash or alcohol-based sanitizer. Soap is also useful as a hand sanitizer.

Burn masks after use

• Use disposable gloves and masks, burn it after use,

• No members should come in contact with the clothes of the infected person. Their utensils should also be kept separate.

Common Myth and Awareness for Corona
कोरोना वायरस से बचें - कुछ सावधानियाँ 
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